Russia Tests U.S. Resolve

Further to my long diatribe of Tuesday on the whole world, Russian-backed rebels are stepping up attacks on Ukraine.

That didn’t take long. With a distracted United States, a new president and a Congress that is unlikely to support him, the Russians are testing the waters on the amount of U.S. resolve.



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2 thoughts on “Russia Tests U.S. Resolve

  1. I lived through tests of resolve during the ’60s and ’70s. Please no more superpower tests of will. Too much damn testosterone going around these days.
    Tying into your pot comment; I’ll take reefer madness over MAD any day.


  2. Hopefully, Congress and the Pentagon will get their respective acts together and lay it out to Trump that, if he wants support for other issues, he has to put a stop to this nonsense.


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