Safe Driving Is Key To Wine Fest: Whopper Watch



“In the bigger picture, getting there and back isn’t the issue. Enjoying yourself at the festival is.”

Rod Phillips, Ottawa Citizen on the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival this weekend.



The most important priority for festival-goers is getting home and back safely from the EY Centre.

This is vital because the show’s new location this year is not served as well by public transit as its previous site at the downtown Shaw Centre. That said, 175 taxis are waiting there to take patrons home. And people can leave their cars in the parking lot at the centre for free overnight.

Still because of the car-oriented nature of the location, the fear of inebriated festival-goers behind the wheel is real.

Safe to say that if one gets in an accident on the way home, enjoying the festival might not be foremost in the driver’s mind.

The Ottawa Police Service should set up RIDE sites near the show to keep the public safe from unwise drivers.



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One thought on “Safe Driving Is Key To Wine Fest: Whopper Watch

  1. RIDE sites near the show? They should be at the exits from the parking lot and should check every car, not a random selection.
    It’s all well and good to say there will be taxis there and you can leave your car there overnight for free. How many people are going to pay a cab home and then another the next day to get back to retrieve their cars? What’s the return cab fare between the EY Centre and Orleans, Kanata or even Centretown?
    If they go on Friday and return on Saturday to get their cars, you don’t think they’ll go back in to the Wine Festival? Ditto for picking up the car on Sunday after a Saturday visit. I wonder if that’s part of the Festival management’s thinking when they set that up.
    I would be more impressed if they took people’s car keys as they entered and only gave them back if they blow under the legal limit or have a designated driver. But since that would cut into their sales, I don’t see them doing that any time soon.
    Another effective inspiration for the festival not to let people leave inebriated would be to keep a register of every person and vehicle at the festival which could be matched with any drunk driving incidents or any accidents. The festival management could then be held at least partially financially responsible for those occurrences.


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