Saville Named NCC Ombudsman

This is a release from the National Capital Commission:

The National Capital Commission (NCC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Saville as NCC ombudsman. His term began on August 1, 2017.

The mandate of the NCC ombudsman is to provide members of the public with an independent, confidential, neutral, fair and equitable mechanism for resolving complaints when all other avenues of administrative redress have been exhausted. Kevin Saville is the third person to hold this position since it was created in 2008.

Kevin Saville has a distinguished career in the private, public and civil society sectors. Valued for his extensive leadership and management experience in multi-faceted and complex settings, he is currently president of KSAR & Associates Inc., a Canadian management consulting firm with both a domestic and an international practice in integrated leadership and management. Kevin has been a senior civil servant with the federal and Quebec governments, and has served as vice-president and general manager of the Montréal Board of Trade. He has lectured on executive leadership and management at the Gatineau campus of the École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP), and has been a guest speaker on these same subjects at the University of Ottawa and McMaster University.


·         Mr. Saville was appointed ombudsman following a competitive selection process.

·         The NCC ombudsman is a part-time job under a three-year contract that can be renewed for two additional years.

·         The position was first filled in September 2008 by Laura Bruneau, and then in 2012 by Ellen Fry, whose term ended on July 31, 2017.

·         The NCC ombudsman can be contacted as follows:


Telephone:             613-947-4330 or 1-877-947-4330 (toll-free)



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2 thoughts on “Saville Named NCC Ombudsman

  1. Am I the last person in the city to know the NCC has an ombudsman? Is this a full-time post or an as-needed position? What sorts of issues does this person solve – is there a report on the work done? What’s this costing the NCC?


  2. Only one quickie. Why would the ombudsperson position be a “part-time job”?

    If the second paragraph in the release had any real meaning, then a full time job it is.


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