See The Latest Plans For The Chateau Laurier



See the final designs from Larco for its addition to one of the most iconic heritage buildings in the country, the Chateau Laurier.

It looks to be the same abomination that it was in the first place and a blight on the Parliamentary district.

To see all the details, click here. Feel free to come back here to comment on the new design.


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4 thoughts on “See The Latest Plans For The Chateau Laurier

  1. The original building resembles a castle and the new section uses a Bauhaus approach with big, big windows. In my opinion, the two styles clash, but I’m not an architectural expert and will let those who are decide what’s good for us all.

  2. We are talking about a historic building that has that official status.

    To make it brief, the proposals are totally unacceptable.

  3. Thank you, Anne Marie. I was being facetious but since we’ve never met you wouldn’t know that. I love architecture and was disappointed when I heard of the planned demolition of the Daly Building. It was Ottawa’s only example of Chicago-style architecture but the building had become a danger to pedestrians and no one would put up the money for the work required to make it safe once more. Too bad.


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