Sens Have Empty Seats On Opening Night



The most sobering part of the Senators-Leafs tilt on Wednesday night was not the play of the Sens defence but the attendance.

The Canadian Tire Centre was about 2,400 seats short of full.

Now that wouldn’t be so bad if it were the Carolina Hurricanes or the Phoenix Coyotes in town.

Video above: The 2,400 fans who didn’t go to the Canadian Tire Centre on Wednesday night missed the Auston Matthews show.

But this was the Leafs and Sens on opening night of the season … you know, the Battle of Ontario.

The turnout for the topnotch date on the Sens calendar was disappointing and hopefully not a sign of the future.

Perhaps it was the hangover from the quality hockey of the World Cup or the excitement surrounding Canada’s team, the Blue Jays. With luck, nothing bigger than that.

The Senators are very important in this community for a range of vital reasons.

They can’t become the LeBreton Senators soon enough.



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3 thoughts on “Sens Have Empty Seats On Opening Night

  1. They have priced themselves out of the market for a family night out.

    For a family of four to have the cheapest seats (seriously, we have sat in the back row multiple times) and pay for parking and buy a small amount of the overpriced food is at least $200. And those lower prices are only available for some of the games.

    Also, in those seats the players are so small, you might as well stay home and watch them on TV so you can actually see them. We go once a year. If it were cheaper, or we knew people who gave away decent tickets, we would go more frequently. Our kids had fun when they were younger but now that they are more interested in the game, they want to be closer to the action … you can’t see much in the top level … but the ticket prices go up exponentially …

    Moving the arena isn’t going to fix the overpricing problem …

    1. AlisoninOttawa:

      Thank you for this.

      You might be right. The NHL is very expensive and in a city without large corporations to buy up blocks of tickets, the Senators have always been vulnerable.

      Remember the presence Nortel had at the arena in its early years?

      Well, not now.




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