Sens Their Own Worst Enemy: Reader

Long-time Bulldog friend Alf Chaiton has his take on the Ottawa Senators:


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2 thoughts on “Sens Their Own Worst Enemy: Reader

  1. Fans of the Ottawa Senators are not feeling positive about the issues the team is facing presently. However, it’s time to lose the sad faces and help the team determine a solution to its woes, otherwise it’s possible they’ll be leaving town and then Ottawa hockey fans will have something to really be upset about. This is a replay of the Ottawa Rough Riders except it’s taking place on ice rather than the gridiron, and there’s no guarantee the NHL will grant Ottawa another franchise in the future.


    1. Sisco:

      I don’t think people realize what a difficult proposition the Senators team is.

      It loses about $10 million a year.

      People who want to lose $10 million a year on a hockey team in Ottawa don’t grow on trees.

      Now Melnyk is making money on the capital appreciation of the team but that doesn’t have anything to do with operating funds.

      Furthermore if Melnyk sells, few would be willing to keep the club in Ottawa and there might be no buyers here.

      If someone can secure permission to locate in Toronto or Mississauga or Oakville, the team is priceless.

      New York supports four teams. No doubt the Toronto area could do the same but buying area rights from the Leafs would be extremely expensive.

      That said, it might be worth it.

      One way or another, if Melnyk sells, the team probably won’t be located in Ottawa. The same thing could happen if Melnyk keeps the team.

      It can’t be fun operating a money-losing team where the public doesn’t support you as a franchise or as a person.

      I think it is only a matter of time before the Sens leave.




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