Sens Win … We’re Showing Our Colours


OK so we’re kinda homers with this one but The Bulldog is the local news and comment website.

The Ottawa Senators defeated the Boston Bruins in Beantown in overtime 3-2 Sunday to win their opening series in the Stanley Cup playoffs 4-2. So for a day or so The Bulldog is changing its colours to Senators’ red, black and white.

There will be a translation of all this hockey information for Mayor Jim Watson in an upcoming post.

Best to the tough Bruins and good luck to the Sens as they meet the New York Rangers in the next round.




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7 thoughts on “Sens Win … We’re Showing Our Colours

  1. The SENS played a great game and they played as a team.

    A well-deserved win.

    As for Watson … stuff it … I doubt he knows anything about hockey other than what a face-off is, if that.

    Anne Marie

    1. Watson is the consummate skater and look how he stick handles around major issues. How can anyone think he would not be a hockey … nut?

  2. Sens win and congratulations to the whole team. Kudos especially to Clarke MacArthur. Hope the fans of the Senators will not have to endure another series with announcer Bob Cole and his seven men on the ice, what time is left in the game and such faux pas.

  3. Good thing I was already awake before I opened this. That’s quite the red.

    I know that you like a challenge and that might lead you to try and school the mayor on the game of hockey. I admire you for your courage in wanting to take this on and will be nominating you for Best Campaign Goal in an Unwinnable Cause.

    There are, however, some battles that one shouldn’t attempt to fight. There exist in this world the unteachables, the unredeemables and I think educating the mayor on hockey would qualify. The energy you would have to divert from your task of keeping the populace informed to be able to approach this quest with any degree of seriousness would be a huge loss to the community. And for what gain? Is there any hope at all of success?

  4. To the Dawgsters:

    I don’t follow hockey and yet Ken interested me enough to follow this series.

    I’ve been catching the final scores in the news. Yesterday I checked at around 6 p.m. and found it was 2-2 and overtime was coming.

    I turned on the game. I watched as overtime started and saw the winning goal. I sent a congrats to Ken at 6:17 p.m.

    Okay – it was exciting cheering for a particular team.

    His lairdship will be proud and I’m sure his picture will be in the newspaper today.


    This red is making my eyes pulsate :)


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