Sewage Tunnel Process Stinks


Well here we go again.

One would think that after the fiasco of the Mooney’s Bay playground in which the public wasn’t even consulted about the project until land-clearing was underway, that the City of Ottawa would have been very careful about ensuring the best information gets to residents affected by the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel.

The tunnel will be dug through New Edinburgh and the locals say a consultation for that neighbourhood wasn’t held.

Why not? Is city staff scared of the residents of Ottawa and particularly New Edinburgh? They look like fine people to most everyone.

Probably the tunnel must go through there despite all the talk, but taxpayers, residents and landowners should expect a proper discussion about the project. Maybe residents could find some ways of mitigating the discomfort from all the construction.

Perhaps we get from this that city council and staff aren’t interested in participatory democracy … a critical part of our political system. If something is to be scared of, it is the arrogance and disregard for the public shown by city hall.

The politicians and public servants (a term to be used loosely) are out of control on Laurier Avenue. They run Ottawa as though it is their fiefdom, not the place where good people live. Residents are perceived to be nuisances rather than concerned taxpayers. Do the people on Laurier Avenue need to be reminded about who they serve? Given the gargantuan cock ups city staff has been part of, our civic public servants are not the fountain of all wisdom … far from it.

The tunnel serves a good purpose and will make the Ottawa River cleaner. But the process leading up to its construction is dirty.

Voters need to clean house on city council and elect people who believe in participatory democracy.

If Mayor Jim Watson and city manager Steve Kanellakos won’t do it, maybe it is time that the public does.

Residents are sick of being dictated to by city hall.

Time for a reform council in 2018.



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One thought on “Sewage Tunnel Process Stinks

  1. Seems we have our own little swamp to drain and agree it is time for voters to elect a mayor and council who remember they serve at our pleasure.


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