Should City Move On POW Bridge Now? Bulldog Poll




One Bulldog reader has suggested that Halley’s Comet will arrive in 2061 long before Ottawa and Gatineau are linked by the now unused Prince of Wales Bridge.

Using the bridge would extend the O-Train across the Ottawa River and would be ideal for interprovincial commuters. Its cost, as estimated by city staff, would be between $20 million to $40 million.

Meanwhile the city is throwing billions of dollars at light rail while ignoring a low-cost, high-volume commuter link.

Photo above: The abandoned Prince of Wales Bridge.

All this begs a Bulldog Poll:


Voting for this poll has now closed. Please see The Bulldog on Wednesday for the final results.

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6 thoughts on “Should City Move On POW Bridge Now? Bulldog Poll

  1. Let’s tie The Voter’s crowd-funding idea to today’s article on coffee shops and an old article about $10-per-cup coffee then add in an Internet library.

    City runs the business and uses the funds raised to support city projects. Voila.

    Cafes selling Swiss mocha maple flavoured cappuccinos at $10 per cup should raise lots of dough for bridges and bread; provide internet access to the public; and make great places for political photo-ops.

    That’s innovative.

        1. I like where this is going. Maybe a P3 – they’re slightly more successful that the city at getting things done.
          We need a “Friends of the POW Bridge” group. The library, the Farm and the hospitals all have them – why not a bridge?


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