Should LRT Construction Be Suspended? Bulldog Poll



Ottawa’s light-rail project has been plagued by life-threatening accidents such as a gas-main leak, three sinkholes, a flood, a fire and a collapsed crane.

So The Bulldog has suggested that LRT building be suspended while an independent safety audit is conducted.

Is that the right thing to do? The Bulldog wants your opinion. Vote:


Voting in this poll is concluded. To see the results, click here.


You get one vote. Thank you for participating.


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One thought on “Should LRT Construction Be Suspended? Bulldog Poll

  1. Ken,
    As I type this, it is 1508 and 54% of people do not think construction should stop until a independent safety audit is done, absolutely incredible!

    Does anyone ever wonder why we have the Council and Mayor we have!

    Anne Marie


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