Should Ottawa Have A Congestion Charge? Poll

bulldog pollThe issue of road tolls is scheduled to be discussed at Ottawa City Hall in April.

The idea is to cut pollution, stimulate rapid transit, cut congestion and raise revenue for the city.

Do you favour a congestion charge?

Cast your vote below:

This poll has closed. See Tuesday’s Bulldog for final results. Thank you for your participation.

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One thought on “Should Ottawa Have A Congestion Charge? Poll

  1. Just another way to tax and spend by Jimbo and his Liberal friends.

    If the city was run on a business-like basis with a CEO who cared more about the shareholders (taxpayers) than developers and photo-ops, Ottawa would not be in the financial difficulties it now faces. See the many wasted money projects Landsdowne … roof non-repairs … sole sourcing … bridges far too expensive and failures of same … Hazeldean …The widening of Terry Fox drive to accommodate four lanes where two are built … building in flood plains of that same roadway then having to create compensatory floodplain which has bred mosquito problems. Expensive LRT to nowhere and still no solution to ridership and second-phase route … tunnel under NRC land so no riders can get on.

    If I could vote more than once on this topic of congestion tax I would say:



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