Should The Salvation Army Shelter Be Located In Vanier? Vote



With a staggering number of people making presentations to the city planning committee concerning the construction of Salvation Army shelter on Montreal Road in Vanier, The Bulldog thought it was time for a poll:


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You are allowed one vote. Thank you in advance.

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6 thoughts on “Should The Salvation Army Shelter Be Located In Vanier? Vote

  1. It’s clear that the Salvation Army must relocate. No one has come up with a better solution. The Concorde Motel has had its difficulties for a long time. Is this better than the Sally Ann which helps people?

  2. I would think that The Concorde Motel location was considered the prime site once the Salvation Army purchased it. Any idea when the sale was completed?

  3. I don’t know the area so I may have these two facts wrong:

    – I understand that the building that the Salvation Army wants to use is already a commercial building;

    – It was a motel that is a bit run down;

    What if an organization like the YMCA bought it and had wanted to turn the motel into a shelter for abused women and children – would there be such an outcry?

    What if a local United or Catholic Church had bought the motel and wanted to turn it into a shelter for abused teens – would there be such an outcry?

    What if somebody bought this motel and decided that it would just operate it as a cheap motel – what would be done then?


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