Should Transit Commissioner Milner Be Above Politics?

One wonders if a member of Ottawa’s appointed transit commission should be cheering for a candidate, Ryan Kennery, who was Mayor Jim Watson’s former PR man?

Should not publicly appointed commissioners be unbiased in the political realm?

This from Twitter:



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4 thoughts on “Should Transit Commissioner Milner Be Above Politics?

  1. Should a councillor be above taking freebie tickets to a ball game ? – yes they should but hey, do as we all do and you’ll be fine.
    Pols, appointees, et alia, just do what they want ’cause they can.

    Should a political appointee endorse a politician – – why yes he had better if he wants to keep eating at the trough.

    They all suck,


  2. Is this the same Ryan Kennery who has a website that says he is registered as a candidate for councillor in College Ward?


  3. Do Council appointees, such as transit commissioners, not have a code of conduct they have to sign on to when they take office?
    Should Kennery win, he would be one of the people voting on the membership of the commission for the next term of Council.
    Even if Milner doesn’t see the ethical issue, Kennery should be asking him to can it. Although, since the cat’s out of the bag, it may be pointless now. At the very least, Milner should be barred from holding a council appointment.


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