Sinkhole: The City Has Lost Our Trust



Interesting wasn’t it that the city said immediately after the new sinkhole incident occurred that the most recent sinkhole wasn’t related to the big Rideau sinkhole of international fame. Maybe a little sensitive on that topic?

The boss worried about votes, perhaps?

Then we discover the new sinkhole is just a few metres from the mammoth sinkhole. So how could it possibly be related to the previous sinkhole? Related by birth? Proximity? Blood? Marriage? Or just good friends? Maybe the excuse is in the vague definition of related. Rather embarrassing.

Next the city lied about the definition of sinkhole to cover its posterior.

Later we discover the city has asked the builder to check the street for other possible sinkholes but that the street is perfectly safe, according to the city. How does the city know that if its officials haven’t checked the street yet? And does this mean that after the last two sinkholes, the light-rail people didn’t check for other possible sinkholes? Maybe that explains the next two.

If the city says it did, after lying about the definition of a sinkhole, why should we believe what the city tells us? Furthermore how do people check if city officials are telling the truth? Because with these guys, you really want to check if they are telling the truth.

With the brutal response to this sinkhole, the city (our city, the taxpayers’ city, the voters’ city, the residents’ city, not the pols’ and public servants’ city) further lost something that someone who has been watching municipal politics for a considerable time understood was tossed away a long time ago.

The city lost our trust. It’s very easy to lose trust. It’s very hard to win it back.

Why not just be mature, stop looking pathetic and tell the truth so as to build a good relationship with the people public servants and politicians are supposed to serve? Lies are really hard to keep straight and sooner or later you’ll get caught up in them.

It might also help if you get the LRT project right. But then it’s a bit late for that.

Nevertheless, good luck.

It’s long past time that we absentee owners of the Corporation of the City of Ottawa take control of an institution out of control. Like in the 2018 election.

Because the people who we appointed to run the corporation in the last vote can’t handle the job.

Never has it been more obvious that it is time to clean up city hall.

Ottawa badly needs change. It needs new management.


Video above: The first Rideau Street sinkhole. These are the images your agent will remember when he thinks of the LRT project years from now.


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4 thoughts on “Sinkhole: The City Has Lost Our Trust

  1. What fascinates me is that they were able to render such an absolute judgment within hours of the event while it took months to get answers about the first Rideau sinkhole.

    Have they honed their sinkhole-analysing skills in the intervening time to that extent or are we seeing the difference between an actual investigation and an attempt to minimize the situation? “Nothing to see here, folks, please move along.”

    1. The Voter:

      I think with this last sinkhole incident, we see the city in action.

      Frightened. Trying to cover-up. Lying. Getting caught. Making excuses. Costing us money by making mistakes.

      Not doing a thorough job of learning from the three previous lessons.

      Bad planning. Over-spending. Letting awards and egos get in the way of commonsense and good fiscal management.

      I could go on. I’ve covered or commented on city hall since 1998 and I have never seen this government at such a low ebb.

      I’m running out of words to describe how terrible this government is.

      Just think. Not one, which would be bad enough. Not two. Not three. But four sinkholes. How could that possibly happen?

      And you know what is even more frightening? I bet there are more in the future.

      What I’d really like to know, Voter, is what they haven’t told the public, not just on LRT, but in many other areas.

      It’s very disconcerting.


      1. “Disconcerting” is a gross understatement.

        As I stated on a recent post, when you tell the truth, you have no difficulty remembering what you said.

        Remember all of this. Election date is October 22nd, 2018.

  2. First off you are working on the premise that the City had our trust. Unfortunately that is a false premise…at least for this taxpayer.


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