Skippy To Mayor: What’s Happening To LRT?


Bulldog reader Skippy sent this email into The Bulldog to Mayor Jim Watson.

In it he wonders if the mayor has heard anything about the 100-day moratorium on the route for the western light rail project and puts in a few good words for Carling Avenue as an alternative to the Macdonald Parkway for LRT:

Hi Jimbo

Skippy here. Just want to keep in touch as the 100 days under the cone of silence draws to a close. I haven’t heard anything – have you?

Just wondering if you have a Plan B for the western extension of the LRT along the Macdonald Parkway?

Now that your city folks have approved four huge condo towers along Carling Avenue and with National Capital Commission land given for a new Civic campus just off Carling, perhaps this is where the Phase 2 of the LRT should run. This route would actually service passengers where they live and work – not a bad idea maybe? And gee it would also head right out to Kanata.

Anyway back to the Macdonald Parkway. I can’t see the LRT here fitting into our plans for a new and approved animated water parkway revamp. Gosh losing all those trees in a 1.2 km swath really scares me. It will be tough to support a clear cut of this route leading up to the Unitarian folks place. By the way these folk say they don’t need a station at Cleary as they have a free van they use to get around.

Anyway what do you think Jimmy? Can you get back to me when you are off the canal and we can chat further.

Bye for now


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