Sly Municipal Moves Worry Journalist, Ex-City Clerk

CBC Ottawa journalist Joanne Chianello and ex-Ottawa city clerk Pierre Pagé are concerned about the mammoth Bayview high-rise project being “rammed” through city approvals:



So they should be. The city actions are a disgrace to good governance.


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2 thoughts on “Sly Municipal Moves Worry Journalist, Ex-City Clerk

  1. Ah gee. You say that the city planning department has done it again? No public consultation? Ignore the community design plan? Perhaps this is another concierge assisted high-rise.
    On Oct. 22, vote these “representatives” out.


  2. When Watson defeated Larry O’Brien to become mayor, he eased into the office saying he’d ask officials from the city of Ottawa to attend local meetings because he waned to “hear what the people had to say”.
    It reminds me of a trip I once made to have my ears checked for hearing loss. At the end of the test the doctor told me “There’s nothing wrong with your hearing. Most people that visit this office are hard of listening”.


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