Snow-Plow Firm Flops Before Big Storm


Now this is just what you want to hear before the biggest snowfall of the season.

A private Gatineau snow removal company told its 1,600 clients it was ceasing operations due to financial hardships just as a major storm hit the region.

Josée Bourdage said she paid RM Déneigement to clear snow from her property until April 15 but is now left with no service for the rest of the season.

“The reason that I hired a snow removal company is that I have back problems. Now I’m stuck for the rest of the winter,” she told Radio-Canada in French on Sunday.

The owner of the company refused to comment but his spouse told Radio-Canada that money problems are behind the decision to stop clearing snow.

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3 thoughts on “Snow-Plow Firm Flops Before Big Storm

  1. Contracts for snow removal are usually required to be paid in full before the season starts. The operator should have to place those funds in trust to be withdrawn as the season unfolds. The way it is now, the contractor has his money guaranteed but the customer is taking a gamble. At least if the money was protected, the customer has a chance of finding someone else if the company goes south.

  2. Some snow-clearing firms charge a fee that covers you up to a certain amount of snowfall. A friend just got reminded that once we’ve received 250 centimetres of snow in the season, there’s an overage charge for removing any more. We’re almost there and the March storms haven’t hit yet.
    I wonder if they also give a refund in years when there’s only a little snow??
    The City doesn’t have the option of adding to your bill. How close are they to blowing the budget?


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