So Long, Tom Wolfe




Much sadness about the death of journalist and author Tom Wolfe. His collection of writings The New Journalism from 1973 had a profound effect on feature writing and your agent, though I don’t think I really understood it until into my 50s. That volume has a prominent place in my humble bookshelf. I wish young journalists understood how exciting the craft was in those days with Wolfe and Woodward and Bernstein and the Pentagon Papers. The biggest generation in history was reaching its most profound creative period. Looking at journalism today compared to then, well, it is very sobering. I started in the craft at its zenith and leave it at its lowest ebb. Wolfe’s passing, the man so fashionable, vibrant and young as he was on the cutting edge, makes you feel old. How could it be that it has been almost half a century since the likes of Gay Talese, Truman Capote, Joe Eszterhas, Terry Southern, Hunter S. Thompson, Norman Mailer, Joe McGinniss and George Plimpton were young and cool and alive? Now the New Journalists are old or dead. Bless them all. Reading them is a part of my life I will always cherish … It would have been interesting to get a sample of DNA from the excrement wipe on former city clerk Pierre Pagé‘s car. Wonder who was responsible for that? … Found myself oddly agreeing with the Citizen’s Randy Denley this week. Denley says the three major parties don’t have a sound economic plan and he’s right. I disagree with him that Ontario will experience a significant economic downturn soon. We’re almost at the point of the world economic recovery where commodities will be in demand. Ontario has lots of those. Rising interest rates could be a problem however, particularly if you are mortgaged to the hilt … Cornwall wants to leash cats. Maybe residents there should leash politicians and city staffers instead … National Post columnist Christie Blatchford was effusive in her praise of Premier Kathleen Wynne recently. This had your agent confused. First reading something nice about Wynne in the right-wing Post was a mind-wobbler. Then it coming from the rough-and-tumble Blatchford was so strange your agent immediately went for a second cup of coffee. Wasn’t sure I was awake … It’s tiresome reading about more scandals coming out of Ontario’s hydro establishment. Can’t that place be cleaned up once and for all? Hydro administration problems have dogged your agent for his whole life and he ain’t no spring chicken. Reform there is long overdue … Took a lot of criticism about not endorsing Attorney General Yasir Naqvi. He is a wonderful person but his record at corrections and attorney general is flawed. It was a difficult endorsement to write. He is very well-liked and for good reason. But to thine own self be true …


The National Post’s Christie Blatchford on her girl crush on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.


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2 thoughts on “So Long, Tom Wolfe

  1. Again, it is stated. People in Ontario have loyalties to a party but must look at who their party’s leader is.
    Since we only have party politics and since the party with the most seats will form the government – who do I want in the captain’s chair?
    Who do I picture as that person ?
    I do not want a wealthy, just one of the folks kind of guy. I might be willing to give Horwath a try but I can’t see her party as being capable of getting enough candidates elected.
    Alas, even though the Liberal party is carrying the weight of missteps (there’s been a few), I see only one way to cast my vote. One person causes neither worry nor joy. One guy gets my spider-senses tingling. The other is carrying baggage but, like Blatchford, I have a kinda crush on Wynne. I don’t even know who the Liberal in my area is and I don’t care. She has my vote only because of the system we use.

  2. P.S.
    Ken , your other STUFF was good too but the video was what caught my attention the most. So much STUFF, so little time.


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