So Why Did Watson Sign The Pro-Life Proclamation?


This is an email forwarded to The Bulldog that condemns Mayor Jim Watson’s action in the proclamation and flag-raising for the pro-life National March For Life:

Watson is opposed to what that group is promoting but ask yourself why he signed the proclamation not only recently but in past years?

He’s blaming staff and that is absolutely unfair.  Does he shut his eyes when signing proclamations?

He’s a micro-manager so doubt his eyes were closed.  Even if it were staff which forwarded the proclamation to his office, did staff hold a gun to his head and say sign it?  He clearly knew what he was signing.

How many people work in the mayor’s office?  Not one advised him not to sign?  He most likely took the lead on this and points the finger elsewhere as he typically tends to do.  I suspect concerns were raised in the past and he just ignored them.  Anything for a vote.  How many keys have been handed out in the last year? Few were given out by previous mayors. Same with community awards.

He hands them out along with other awards like there was no tomorrow.  He prints more awards than the U.S. does $20 bills.  It’s a pity because it just dilutes the importance of awards.  Watson won’t stop proclamations because it’s just another way of flattering someone.  Having council approve them does not work.  The past proved that with debates which lasted hours over the stupidest proclamations.  The city should stop doing them and maybe spend more time debating important matters that have serious impacts on the citizens of this city such as light rail.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to have that flag flying because it’s stating a position that most of our city is opposed to — I’m certainly opposed to,” Watson said.

So why did he sign the proclamation?

The city itself says that the flag has to reflect the proclamation.  If the flag is stating a position, so is the proclamation signed by Watson.  I guess he wasn’t opposed till the flag angered a lot of people and garnered a lot of negative tweets and media reaction.


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4 thoughts on “So Why Did Watson Sign The Pro-Life Proclamation?

  1. As I read the column, Colonel Henry Blake came to mind, signing whatever document Radar O’Reilly put in front of him. How many times has Serge Arpin gone to Seoul on a three-day pass in the last seven years?

  2. Does anybody know if Watson actually signs these kinds of things himself or if it’s a staff member with a rubber stamp or one of those signature machines? Of course, if I were providing a signature to be transformed into a stamp, I’d be putting some pretty stringent restrictions on how it could be used.

    1. The Voter:

      Interesting point.

      I’ve talked with people who know the procedure and yes he signs these things.

      How much attention he pays to them is only known by the mayor.



  3. So the Mayor now knows how many voters oppose the ‘Right to Life’ flag? If so, how?
    He opposes it so it should not fly. Flying any flag should not rest with the thoughts/beliefs of this or any Mayor.
    Obviously, the Mayor cannot read.


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