Springhill Landfill Another City Mess


First the City of Ottawa gets fleeced on Lansdowne and taxpayers are on the hook for clean-up of the Springhill Landfill site:

The city appears to be incapable of conducting P3 projects that are successful for all parties, not just the private sector.

Why can’t our municipal officials negotiate a fair deal? Can’t anybody here play this game?

And here’s what kills me about this. In so-called public consultations, public servants talk down to taxpayers like they are children and don’t listen to what those same citizens say.

When you see cock-ups such as Springhill, where do staffers get off patronizing the people paying their salaries when they can’t do their jobs correctly? Not a small amount of misplaced arrogance. Or maybe it isn’t arrogance … just laziness.

And no doubt Mayor Jim Watson and city council oversaw all the details on this.

Not likely.

The city auditor’s report is below:



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2 thoughts on “Springhill Landfill Another City Mess

  1. The initial contract was negotiated between Tomlinson and the Township of Osgoode, so it isn’t fair to hang a poorly structured contract around the necks of City of Ottawa staff of the last few years. Having said that, the City of Ottawa inherited this agreement the better part of two decades ago, so any failure to manage the operational and financial mess identified by the auditor general rests squarely on the shoulders of City of Ottawa staff.


  2. Correct, Ron. Whenever I move into a new position at work I ultimately leave some skeletons behind for my replacement to deal with and have some issues the last person in my new role has been ignoring. Sisco’s rule of thumb is you have 90 days (one fiscal quarter) to point the finger at the last person for the mess you discovered. After that the problem is now squarely mine to deal with, no more finger-pointing. After 20 years this is now Ottawa’s problem to deal with. Let’s see if George Darouze, councillor for Osgoode ward, can provide any value here or not.


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