Staff Terminated Over Long-Term Care Incident

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Memo to Council – Long Term Care_EN



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7 thoughts on “Staff Terminated Over Long-Term Care Incident

  1. Blinders, wall of silence, retraining, terminations

    I pointed out these things quite some time ago. I mentioned these things again a couple of days ago.

    It’s odd that I knew these things were going on yet the people running the show don’t do anything until after it makes the news.

    Now follow my other recommendation and install a taped closed circuit surveillance system.


  2. There is much not being addressed in this report. Though the report is purportedly new so very much is not addressed.
    So … two persons who witnessed the verbal abuse, did not report it … the major question is why?

    Perhaps it is because the same exists in long-term homes as exists in most other medical regions … you speak, they will find a way to get rid of you.

    The squeaky wheel does not always get greased … it often gets targeted and it loses its employment.


    1. Anne Marie,
      In Canada of 2017, I hope that every organization has a mission statement that protects whistle blowers .

      If an employee witnesses an actual assault then the first contact is the police, then line supervisor. The other way around is okay if you stay until the police arrive due to your supervisor’s action.

      If one works for a backwards employer then contacts can be made to union rep., a lawyer, labour relations department, newspapers, radio or TV, an ombudsperson, etc.

      Regardless – it is your duty to report abuse and protect the innocent from abuse.

      ( I do not like that term but it seems to be used, I’d call them honest & caring)


      1. Chaz,

        Your thoughts are sound, sadly that is not how things work.

        There are not mission statements that protect whistle blowers.

        It should be, and always was the responsibility to care for your primary directive, the patient/client/resident.

        What should be, and what is are very different in the real working world.


        1. Anne Marie,
          Sadly, too many people are, indeed, working under conditions that are no better than indentured servitude. Money is needed, the job is therefore something that can’t be put at risk and, perhaps, fear of losing a job prevents good people from doing the right thing.

          But, assault is a crime and if one has knowledge of same then one MUST come forward. No employer is going to fire you. If they do then that employer can end up in jail for aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime. The newspapers would have a field day and the employee would be back at work within a day.

          Be brave.


          1. Chaz,
            I was a part of the Health Care System for a very, very long time. I saw far too much and reported it all.

            Apparently, three employee’s have been fired. What about those at City Hall in charge of monitoring these homes, none of them have been reported as fired or reprimanded in fact Diane Deans commented that she understood how hard this had been on them all. What about the families and their loved ones? How many other incidents that have transpired that were not caught on tape or were not reported?

            There are excellent, kind-hearted and caring hard working persons, unfortunately there are some like those who have been caught and they are the ones that get all the notice.


            1. Anne Marie,
              I said it on another comment.
              If someone knew about the abuse and did not come forward, they should be ashamed of themselves and come forward now.
              Those someones cover everyone from the very top to the front-line workers to the janitorial staff.
              If anyone kept on their blinders – now is the time to come forward and take your punishment. If any of those people are in city hall then so-be-it. Fire all that hid facts, covered-up or shuffled bad employees around.



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