Stand Up And Be Counted On Reinforced Police Gloves



“To be clear, there’s no doubt that a police services board chair or member cannot tell the police, do a search warrant, arrest this person. Of course. But that would be a different issue. That’s interference in a police investigation. But to have the police services board chair say, oh, it’s operations, we can’t get involved, is basically shirking his responsibility.

“The board is the civilian representation of the public. They’re there to uphold the public interest. They’re your voice and mine. So when the police chief runs away from an issue, and the board runs away from the issue, who’s left to give us answers? Nobody.”

The former head of the Special Investigations Unit Andre Marin on the matter of reinforced gloves issued to police officers

Police chief Charles Bordeleau and Police Services Board Chairman Eli El-Chantiry don’t want to discuss an audit or reinforced police gloves and whether they can be considered a weapon.

Marin’s quote above says it all.



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5 thoughts on “Stand Up And Be Counted On Reinforced Police Gloves

  1. Protective gear is one thing but assault gear is an entirely different matter.

    There is much more awareness today about head injury. We used to think that wearing a football helmet protected the player but, we now know that concussions still occur.

    Protecting your hand from getting cut or bitten is one thing. Using a brass knuckle to amplify the damage is quite another issue.

  2. Oh, but it’s not “brass” — it’s “carbon fibre!” That should be much more gentle on your noggin when you’re being subdued.

    I HATE when Ken writes things that I can’t disagree with. Ruins my whole day.

    1. Bob:

      You should always have fibre in your diet.

      As for agreeing with me, don’t worry it can’t last forever.

      Thx Bob



  3. The Police Services Board has a responsibility to know about all equipment that is being used.
    It is also their responsibility to ensure that there are clear defined lines when it comes to where and when the equipment’s use is acceptable. Neither of these appear to have be addressed. In fact, some appear to not have even known of the existence of these gloves.

    There is a great deal that needs to be addressed when it comes to the responsibilities of the Board and exactly what the Board is doing. Is it meeting its mandate?

    Anne Marie

  4. Like most people, I had never heard of these gloves before the police chief issued the order for them to be inventoried. It appears their purpose is to provide protection to members of special squads when they’re doing things like forced entry into a building. That seems like a reasonable piece of equipment in those circumstances. I can’t say for sure because I’m not familiar with that type of work or the gloves’ capabilities.
    It also seems very clear that, if you have these as part of your special unit’s equipment, you wouldn’t use them when you’re assigned to do regular, garden variety police duties.


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