Start Sinkhole Blame Game: Reader


Long-time Bulldog reader Randy Gordon chips in on the sinkhole report and the interesting goings-on surrounding it:

Let the blame game begin.

I love this plan referred to as the “Standstill Arrangement”.

It maintains the status quo and just what that might be? Millions of dollars are at stake here. It’s almost classic – the city doesn’t want to pay – it says “the sinkhole was not precipitated by a failure of City infrastructure”. Of course this “Root Cause Analysis Report” cannot be made public.

The Rideau Transit Group is quiet – it doesn’t want to pay either. Meanwhile there are 31 claims of compensation out there by businesses and property owners affected by the sinkhole. They want to be paid. Over to the insurance companies – insured city versus insured RTG – it will take years to settle this.

Meanwhile all is rosy – choo choo – all remains on schedule for revenue service in 2018. We shall see. We will be in the middle of another municipal election by then – sound familiar? Oh the ghosts of Christmas Past must be beaming.



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5 thoughts on “Start Sinkhole Blame Game: Reader

  1. Standstill arrangement, waterfall, Plasco no loss to the city. All new words in the vocabulary of city minions but what do these words mean to Joe average? Nothing until tax time then Joe has to pony up for something he does not understand. City blunders

  2. They are counting on voter apathy. The secrecy and money that may be paid is important. More important is the safety of future LRT riders — several sinkholes with no explanation as to cause is a worry. Will someone have to die before residents take this seriously and demand answers?

    1. Fed-up:

      One person has died on the Laurier Avenue bike lane and we still await a safety study.

      Then there was the deaths in the Barrhaven bus-train crash and still no remedial action.

      Deaths apparently aren’t enough.


  3. Here’s a quote from city solicitor Rick O’Connor:
    “The city’s external technical experts were unable to pinpoint a singular cause of the event, but are confident, based on their analysis of all the available evidence, that the sinkhole was not precipitated by a failure of city infrastructure,”

    Experts couldn’t pinpoint the cause but we know it’s not the city’s fault? What evidence was available under 300 plus loads of cement.

  4. Lots of lawyers, multiple insurance companies, many victims.

    The cool part for the insurance industry is no matter what, it can’t lose. It merely ups future premiums to cover the losses.

    All is well though – full steam ahead.


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