Stephen Blais Wants His Little Model Train: Whopper Watch


“I’ve actually been looking around to see if we can get a model train of this model of Alstom Citadis vehicle. There are some toy companies that have other versions of it decked out in other transit agencies’ colours. I’m just waiting for them to come out with the OC Transpo colour-scheme version.”

Transit commission chairman and Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais


If you were wondering how the Ottawa light-rail plan could possibly be so very, very expensive, Blais is one of our elected watchdogs keeping an eye on the city cash register.

Not even remotely on-time, less on-budget and Rideau Transit Group doesn’t have to pay a fine on this top-ended LRT contract for tardiness, Blais is not just worried about getting a model Citadis train but such a model in OC Transpo colours.

For God’s sake Alstom, help the man out before he tells Mayor Jim Watson on you.

Good grief.

A reminder. You can do something about the councillor on Oct. 22.


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3 thoughts on “Stephen Blais Wants His Little Model Train: Whopper Watch

  1. What happened to cardboard versions that you put together yourself? That’s what they used to have for OC Transpo buses. Not good enough for the Cadillac LRT?


    1. Voter:

      Were that it only cost the amount of a Cadillac. The wasted money being thrown at LRT is astounding.

      It’s not the LRT isn’t necessary. It is. But the costs are out of control.




  2. As long as Councillor Blais pays for his toy with his own money, or if Santa brings him one, I really don’t care. However, if he thinks this should be paid for from his office budget, that is a different story.


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