Stop The Hiring-Firing Cycle At City Hall: Sherring


The Ottawa Sun’s Susan Sherring has a completely different take on the 177 city layoffs than you’ve been reading on The Bullldog:

Why do governments at all levels insist on hiring employees they apparently don’t need?

How else to explain budget-tight governments with a bad habit of laying off hundreds of public servants when times get tough.

Case in point: During city manager Steve Kanellakos’s last stint at the City of Ottawa, back when he was a deputy city manager, it was he who went on a hiring binge for the city’s corporate communications department — including several journalists.

On Tuesday, cuts were made to that same department — with Kanellakos at the helm as some of the people he hired were let go.

Where is the sense in that?

It can’t be a lot of fun in many city staffers’ homes this Thanksgiving.

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3 thoughts on “Stop The Hiring-Firing Cycle At City Hall: Sherring

  1. How many of the recent layoffs were employees ready to retire within the next two-to-three years? Sounds more like an early retirement bonus …

    1. Since there is no mandatory retirement for most municipal employees it is hard to determine when an employee will retire. The fact they can doesn’t mean they will. Therefore the municipality has to pay them a severance. Blame the province for ending mandatory retirement.


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