Stop The Vote On High-Rise Report


The Bulldog calls on Ottawa City Council and my councillor, (Kitchissippi’s Jeff Leiper) to delay voting on the high-rise and zoning report until our elected officials and the public have a proper opportunity to review the document.

This was the same call made by Bulldog commenter Howard Crerar to his councillor Osgoode’s George Darouze.


The level of misdirection on this issue is astounding. Barrhaven councillor and planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder made a point of saying that 102 community associations were told of the document and only two responded. The high-rise report says that notice was only given to the Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa. Harder said only two community associations responded to the report.

No one other than developer organizations, councillors and staff spoke to the report at the little-publicized planning committee meeting of May 8. The public was absent from comments.

Then last week, the city gave only 27 hours notice to the public that a meeting for councillors would be held on it. The document will be discussed today at city council when only two business days passed between the snap public meeting and it being sent to council for approval.

This is a very disgusting example of democracy circumvented for the development industry, councillor campaign funding and development charges avarice.

So The Bulldog would ask the public to call on their councillor to stop this travesty of municipal governance and give proper notice to the public that this report is coming down the legislative pipe.

Also because of the discrepancy between what Harder said at planning committee and what the high-rise report reveals, voters should weigh her words carefully when they come to vote in Barrhaven ward on Oct. 22.

Given the level of misdirection surrounding this report, Harder should not be the planning committee chairwoman.


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2 thoughts on “Stop The Vote On High-Rise Report

  1. Harder’s comment noting that only two of 102 community associations responded after being told of the document indicates one of two things. People don’t care what happens in the city or that the method of communication used by city hall to make information public doesn’t work. I feel it is the latter. This is an issue the councillors need to look into and resolve.

    1. Sisco:

      One of two things occurred:

      – the community associations didn’t know about the report given the purposeful abysmal process involved in this;

      – The CAs didn’t bother with it because they knew the fix was in.




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