Stop Walking Items Onto Council


Frequent Bulldog contributor The Voter weighs in on city council procedure:

One of the things that needs to be stopped is the ability of the mayor or a councillor to walk items onto the council agenda that have not had some kind of valid public consultation process.

There are very, very rare items that have an extreme urgency to them that need a rapid response from council. Even in those cases, there is no excuse for the background information not being publicly released a minimum of three days before it appears at a council meeting.

If you go to the city website to check out the workshops, they don’t provide any information about the bylaw or the review. I guess they don’t want you arriving knowing anything in advance.



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6 thoughts on “Stop Walking Items Onto Council

  1. Just another sleazy demonstration of democracy being subverted by politicians to gain their own ends. Those ends may be honourable but then again they mat not.

    1. Bruce Webster, the end never justifies the means. That is just an excuse used by people who are too lazy to follow protocol. In this particular instance, the people at issue are the ones who have the authority to change the protocol IF they consider the protocol to be unworkable.

      1. Did I say or suggest that the ends justified the means? Or that this was a good way to run a democratic society?

        1. Bruce Webster, my apologies for implying you endorsed either the means or the poor quality of governance coming out of Laurier Avenue. I should have devoted more time when I crafted my comment.

      2. Ron,
        You’re being very kind assuming that it’s just laziness that brings politicians to bypass proper procedures. I’ve seen more than one instance when an item was clearly being walked on to avoid exposing it to public or media scrutiny in advance.
        In order to put the item on the Council table for discussion, the proponent has to produce a report that can be translated, printed and distributed for the meeting. If it can be provided long enough in advance for those processes to take place, it could be made available to the public so that, even if we can’t speak to it at a Committee meeting, we can still contact councillors and/or the mayor before the Council meeting.
        If you’re the person bringing the item forward and aren’t trying to bypass public scrutiny, you could have released the content yourself through the media and to your constituents in time for people to respond before the Council meeting.


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