Suck It Up, Homeowner … You’ve Lost $300,000

Here’s what constitutes good planning from the City of Ottawa’s so-called planning department.

So what have you got there for height on the building that is on 20-metres away from a traditional two-storey neighbourhood.

What do you think? About 30 storeys … maybe 50 storeys?

And the traditional residential neighbourhood will decay because no one wants to live next to a 30-storey tower.

Then when the nearby homes become slummy, you can buy those up and build another 30-storey building.

How would you like to be the person who gets that building slapped down next to you in complete abrogation of the rules that were in place when that home was built?

And will the developer compensate you for the plummeting value of your home due to the great profits the builder makes? Fat chance.

Suck it up, homeowner. You just lost $300,000 on your home.

No wonder staff is trying to put this through silently.

This is cynical in the extreme.


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One thought on “Suck It Up, Homeowner … You’ve Lost $300,000

  1. Do you think Ottawa, the capital of Canada, will move to the zoning model employed in Buffalo, New York? 80-year old home, next to 85-year old home, next to a liquor store, next to an empty lot, next to a steel mill, etc. If so, Buffalo will lose its “unique” charm.


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