Surprise! You’ve Got A Brand New Bulldog


note to alizee

Just in case you missed it, we have a new design for The Bulldog.

The theme (the term for WordPress design) is by aThemes and is called Alizee. The design is patterned after the highly successful social media icon Pinterest.

The reason The Bulldog chose it was because the old theme in a blog style had you scrolling forever before you got to the next post. With Alizee you have 20 posts available to your eye with a short scroll. Hopefully it means you have less work to do to read The Bulldog. As well, it makes The Bulldog look less like a blog and more like the news site it really is.

All your regular features are still there. You comment, as ever, at the bottom of the post. And the new design explains why The Bulldog was under maintenance last night.

But all this comes with a catch. The Bulldog would like you to do some work.

Tell us what you like and don’t like about the new design. If you see any errors in it, use the comment box below.

Your feedback is vital to making The Bulldog as readable as possible.

Thank you and enjoy the new Bulldog.

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12 thoughts on “Surprise! You’ve Got A Brand New Bulldog

  1. Ken,
    There is a box on the Bulldog page for “Your comment”. “Bulldog Sens” and “Bulldog Canadian” but I don’t see one for Fetch.

    1. Chaz — I’ve been planning to put a fetch key on The Bulldog for some time.

      I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible. I’m a bit bushed today after all that work but that’s journalism.



  2. I like the new layout, as it is easier to see what the topics of the day are. One thing I miss is the sub-header that shows the # of comments on an article. When I check in from time to time throughout the day, it gives me a sense of how hot a topic is.

  3. Good design change. However, I would suggest that you relocate the top ad box (Councillor Rick Chiarelli), as well as The Bulldog logo box, in among the rest of the news boxes. Thus when the viewer first comes to this homepage, it is more obvious what is on offer, rather than having to scroll down and then find the content. I admit, at first, I did not know to scroll down, and wondered where the content was, i.e. the scroll bar wasn’t obvious to me.

  4. Interesting layout. I’m not sure if I like it or not yet but I suspect it will grow on me… Really, precious little would keep me away from the Bulldog anyway and I’ll deal with whatever format it’s presented in.

    I would echo what you and Ron have both mentioned previously. It would be nice to have the comments # flagged somewhere on a tile to give an indication of how ‘hot’ it is.

    1. Nicholas:

      I’ve had things grow on me too but don’t worry because you can have them taken off at the doctor’s office.

      I’m trying on the comment tag.

      Thanks for the good words.



    2. I was just coming back from my morning reading of the old dog to see what topics were getting discussed.

      I do miss the comments tag too.

      Okay Ken, the boss is waiting for you in his office – you are fired.


  5. Besides the earlier comments about comments, I’m finding that after I’ve read a post I get returned to the very top and have to scroll back down to get to the next post. Can that be fixed? Amazing how lazy computers make us.

  6. Ken:

    I agree with the comments made. It will take me a while to adjust to the change however, that will come.

    I do feel that showing the number of comments is important.

    Give me time. If I find a concrete issue, I will send a message. The most important factor is that the quality of information and comments has not been altered.

    Anne Marie


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