Sympathy For Our Friends In Toronto

The Bulldog and its commentators, commenters and readers send out our heart-felt sympathy to the friends and families of those killed in Toronto on Monday.

We also wish complete and speedy recoveries by those who were injured today in senseless violence.

At the time of this writing, nine people were killed and 16 injured when a van plowed through pedestrians on Yonge Street earlier Monday.

Such mass killing is cowardly and we are shocked that it could happen in Canada, such a peaceful nation with such gentle people.



A suspect is in custody at this point and, as ever, we thank the work of our first responders and medical personnel who put their lives on the line for us. They do such great work.

Words fall short of adequately expressing our sympathy for the sorrow and grief felt by those involved in this tragedy.

We know that our friends in Toronto will stay resilient and will bounce back from this horrible event with even greater fortitude.

Understand as you must that Canada and the world is thinking of you now.


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One thought on “Sympathy For Our Friends In Toronto

  1. After last night’s hockey game the issue in Toronto was discussed at length. Kathleen Wynne spoke and it was nice to see her out of her political guise for a change. Her comments seemed heartfelt and sincere. Good for her. Not that this makes up for her past transgressions, mind you.


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