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Festival In Praise Of The Porch

One of the great attributes of an old neighbourhood is the front porch.

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Hintonburg’s Detoured Bus Woes

Community activist Karen Large discussed on Facebook how some neighbourhoods are treated differently by the City of Ottawa.

She is referring to The Bulldog post, “What Rockcliffe Wouldn’t Tolerate.”

The evidence is below:

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What Rockcliffe Wouldn’t Tolerate

The video above shows a crush of OC Transpo buses along Scott Street.

Just to take the ideas a little further from the post: Broken Hydro Pole Wouldn’t Play In Rockcliffe, here’s something to ponder.

Would the following things be considered for Rockcliffe?

1. A 55-storey condo;

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Three Great Planning Strikes

cityhallsmallWhat neighbourhoods have been under the scrutiny of Ottawa’s planning department most.

This is no scientific tally but your agent would say probably Lansdowne (and the Glebe around it), Little Italy and the old west end.

Which areas are experiencing traffic problems recently?

Why Lansdowne, Little Italy and the old west end.

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Broken Hydro Pole Wouldn’t Play In Rockcliffe

Hintonburg has gone a long way toward becoming an attractive neighbourhood in which to live.

Wellington Street through the neighbourhood is becoming one of the trendiest avenues in Ottawa. Whether that’s good or not is really a question for another day but it is better than the rundown blocks of the past.

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Hintonburg Tower Gets OMB Approval


Hintonburg will be getting another giant tower.

The Ontario Municipal Board has approved the controversial 18-storey development surrounding the Carleton Tavern fronting Hamilton Avenue North, Armstrong Street, Parkdale Avenue and Spencer Street.

Here is an excerpt from the decision. A PDF of the entire decision is at the end of this post:

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Bulldog’s Campaign Cap Too Low: Reader

hobbs.watsonCommunity activist Jay Baltz says a $5 campaign donation limit doesn’t work.

This is a comment from Hintonburg community activist Jay Baltz concerning The Bulldog’s post on campaign funding from corporations and unions. To read The Bulldog’s post, click here.

I certainly agree with the spirit of this, but there are problems with the specific proposal.

To be transparent, I was a member of the core campaign team for Jeff Leiper’s successful bid to unseat Katherine Hobbs (which did not accept donations from developers, either corporations or as individuals). I was also the lead organizer of the initiative two years ago where more than 30 community groups called for reforms of urban planning practices in Ottawa, including eliminating the dominance of developer donations. Here, I am speaking only for myself, of course.

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Discombobulated Don: Whopper Watch

Wellington Village

Don Monet’s Cube Gallery is on Wellington Street West near Smirle Avenue.

Hello … Don? Don are you there? Get your bearings buddy. Figure out exactly where you are.

When Ottawa Magazine did a series of features in its September edition on downtown neighbourhoods, its people consulted with a number of community experts.

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Ottawans Must Demand Better Government

ottawa city hall

Too many things are going wrong at Ottawa City Hall.

The $8-million fiasco that is the result of the green-bin audit is part of a dreadful series of mistakes at Ottawa City Hall that is an embarrassment for public servants, politicians and taxpayers themselves.

Missing paperwork and misinformation on the organics program sent the way of council is completely inappropriate but something is much worse than this mess. That is bad and sometimes multi-million-dollar screwups are becoming the norm at city hall.

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Hobbs Touts Light-Rail Detour Change

Hobbs from her Twitter site

Hobbs from her Twitter site

Oh lookie here.

What would be a holiday weekend in Ottawa be when absolutely no one is home (‘cept The Bulldog and a few shut-ins) without an emailed newsletter from the God, queen and empress of Kitchissippi Katie Hobbs.

Hello again, councillor.

While those of us who’ve been following the political scene since Napoleon crowned himself the grand fromage in France, sending out an email on one of the quietest days of the year might appear unwise. But not to our Katie. She’s using some highly sophisticated political strategy that is, as yet, uncharted. Our Kate, pushing the political envelope yet again … in an election year to boot.

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Baltz Tackles Hobbs



Hintonburg community activist Jay Baltz takes on Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs in this email to The Bulldog.

A mismatch to be sure:

Saw your post on this (Hobbs Finds Bus Detour ‘Solutions’).

Worse, maybe, than sending the announcement out on election day, is that she scheduled her campaign launch for the exact same time as the public meeting ( on the light-rail bus detour.  This whole bus thing follows Councillor Hobbs’ usual pattern.

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Hobbs Finds Bus-Detour ‘Solutions’



So what is one of the most controversial topics in Ottawa at present?

Why the bus detour down Scott Street made necessary because of light-rail construction down the Transitway.

The neighbours are up in arms.

So when does Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs release her mail-out on changes to the plan? Why on Ontario election day when residents’ eyes are trained on Queen’s Park.

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City Drops Some Buses On Light-Rail Detour

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. It’s doubtful this will placate opponents in the effected neighbourhood, nor should it.

OC Transpo will reduce the number of buses operating along the Scott/Albert Transitway detour by up to 18% during peak periods when the detour is in effect from 2016-2018. This detour is required as part of the Confederation Line light rail transit (LRT) project.

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Bus Detour Issue Gets Participatory Democracy

What is nice about the issue of buses on the Slater-Albert corridor is that residents and city officials are now talking.

You will remember this plan was passed in the big light-rail vote and was not found by most people.

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A Glimpse Of The Bad Old Days In Ottawa

God bless all the people of Mechanicsville and Hintonburg who have worked so hard to make their neighbourhoods something of which residents should be proud.

Wellington West has spruced up nicely with interesting restaurants and shops, but of course as the curse of the old west end expands, high-rises are tending to strip the character from the two neighbourhoods.

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Watson Likes Rockcliffe, Manor Park

Here’s where Mayor Jim Watson’s priorities reside.

When Rockcliffe and ManorPark complained about a $1-billion bridge that would bring trucks along the well-buffered Aviation Parkway, Watson immediately fought the bridge.

That stopped the trucks and the profits and jobs that would have accrued from the $1-billion bridge plus about $2.5 billion in economic activity resulting from the spending multiplier.

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Watson’s Electoral Death Wish



The Citizen’s Joanne Chianello takes an unusually strong stand on Mayor Jim Watson’s handling of the Scott-Albert Transitway bus detour issue:

The tone that the mayor is taking with residents is surprising. For Watson to blame residents for not knowing the details of the city’s plans for bus detours seems like poor politics at best, and contempt at worst.

Watson cannot expect residents in that area, most of whom lead very busy lives, to know about six references to detouring buses down Scott and Albert while the LRT project is under construction in the omnibus light-rail report of Dec. 2012.

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Hobbs Post Generates Fierce Debate



This week Bulldog Ottawa readers had a blast debating whether residents should boycott development public meetings.

Your agent says they are just dog-and-pony shows where people go through the motions of listening to resident and then do what they please. While most Bulldoggians don’t disagree with that premise, some feel people should go to meetings to pressure the city and developers.

In case you missed it, the comments below are from the post A Hobbs’ Dog-And-Pony Show.

And that’s where the debate begins:

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City Hall Defies The Public

light rail

Detours for light-rail construction didn’t get a fair public hearing.

Contrition. That’s something you don’t hear very often from the City of Ottawa.

This from Nancy Schepers, the head of Ottawa’s light-rail project and deputy city manager, on the aborted discussions concerning bus detours for the light-rail project:

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Light-Rail Info Detoured

LRT detour

The report for Dec. 9 on light-rail line construction detours has one problem.

There’s nothing in it.

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Hobbs, Poilievre Serve Up Tunney’s



Seventy per cent of commuters in Canada take the car. That’s no doubt reasonably characteristic of Ottawa, as well.

One of the great problems of intensifying in this city is that it does not have a modern mass-transit system in place. It just has buses that operate in very heavy traffic, for the most part.

Nevertheless that has not stopped the City of Ottawa from approving intensification in the most haphazard of ways, over-intensifying popular areas while leaving tracts of untended land untouched.

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Hobbs: A Wee Fib



Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs is already getting ready for the 2014 municipal election by doling out her first constituent goodies.

Hobbs has been pushing out media releases lately like a printing press. She looks as though she is getting professional political advice like last time out.

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Hintonburg Fights Scott Street Transitway Diversion

Hintonburg residents have created a video illustrating how close some houses will be to hundreds of buses diverted down Scott Street during the construction of the $2.1-billion light-rail project.

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Extremified Old West End: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraRon Corbett, filling in for Afternoon Edition’s Rob Snow, discusses intensification in the old west end and the Scott Street Community Design Plan with Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray.

Gray and Corbett also talk about congested traffic in the area on CFRA with the coming of many new high-rises.

The podcast player for the broadcast is below:

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Ponytail Attack Reveals Odd City

What’s going on in this town? Can’t women walk around safely in the old west end without some nut case attacking them?

First, a woman in Hintonburg is struck with an object on the head in an unprovoked attack that was caught on video.

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