Lansdowne: City Shoots Itself In The Foot

Andrew Zenner, a financial expert and Bulldog reader, takes on the Lansdowne financial report and finds it wanting:

Interestingly, when the city put up $140 million (or so) to rebuild the stadium, the city and OSEG claimed that this really wasn’t equity because the city was borrowing the bulk of the money.

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Lansdowne: City Flops Again


If only the city could manage as well at the Redblacks.

The rumour mill for the past few days had it that the city’s revenues were likely to be less than expected from the vaunted “waterfall” agreement the municipality signed with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. And so they are as shown by a memo from city manager Kent Kirkpatrick to the mayor and council obtained by The Bulldog in the previous post.

But then, realistically, one could see this coming years ago when the city and OSEG bound themselves to a P3 deal on Lansdowne.

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City Sees Reduced Revenues From Lansdowne



This is a document obtained by The Bulldog:

M E M O / N O T E D E S E R V I C E

To / Destinataire

Mayor and Members of Council

From / Expéditeur

Kent Kirkpatrick

City Manager

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Watson Needs To Play Fair With The Sens

Sens owner Eugene Melnyk with Helene Campbell.

This disconcerting theme has been running along at Ottawa City Hall for some time.

The Ottawa Senators and owner Eugene Melnyk can’t buy a break from the folks on Laurier Avenue.

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Is Lansdowne A Field Of Cars?



The great Bulldog commenter Sheridan addresses the parking problems at Lansdowne Park:

Councillor (Deputy Mayor) Bob Monette stated that he was concerned about a lack of on-site parking during some Ottawa 67’s games this season, and frustrated over game day traffic jams on Bank Street. Parking cars on the stadium field would “solve your 67’s issue.”

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Stand Up For The Glebe, Jim Watson



Is this what Mayor Jim Watson and the people behind Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group envisaged when they opened and re-opened the various amusements at the former Lansdowne Park?

Were they blind to the fact that residents of the Glebe saw all this coming? They had lived through the Rough Rider years, after all.

Now residents of neighbourhoods surrounding Lansdowne are being assaulted by people peeing on their back fences and exposing themselves. Vomit is on the sidewalks or elsewhere.

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Keep Your Urine To Yourself

beerAh yes. Football and beer. A classic match.

Except that even the best bladders cannot not withstand the onslaught of much malted beverage without exceeding their bladder PSI … emphasize the pee.

So homeowners in the Glebe neighbourhood near TD Place at Lansdowne are experiencing the rare joys of excessive bladder PSI. Revellers to the new RedBlack football games are deciding in their beery way to empty their bladders on Glebe properties.

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Lansdowne Traffic: Worth Repeating

OC Transpo

The problem with taking the bus to Lansdowne is that those vehicles are caught in the same traffic that drivers try to avoid by taking public transit.

Now that part of Lansdowne Park is about to open, the words of Capital Councillor David Chernushenko ring true.

Of course we’ve known about the transit-challenged Glebe area for years but Ottawa went ahead to build a park, shopping centre, high-rises and refurbish the stadium. All will add more traffic:

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Lansdowne Retail Mix Not Developers’ Fault

This is a City of Ottawa video on construction at Lansdowne Park last year.

Developers are not in the business of charity. They’re in the business of making money.

That’s what they do naturally. Birds chirp, fish swim, developers develop.

So if the city gives some developers a break on building heights, all developers will expect a break on building heights. That’s why the number of storeys on buildings in Ottawa resembles a bidding war rather than planning.

And if you allow tall condos to be built beside single-family homes … even on commercial ribbons that abut residential areas … developers will do it. Because most are not in the business of protecting neighbourhoods or creating brilliant urban milieus, their MO is making money. Nothing wrong with that. But that’s all.

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Lansdowne Prepares To Open

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) received a presentation and update on the opening and operation plans for the revitalized Lansdowne from City staff and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG).

“The vision that has guided the design and construction at Lansdowne is solidly based on the values we put at the core of developing our city – sustainable, connected, accessible and healthy communities that protect and foster our local heritage and culture,” said Mayor Watson. “I am excited to welcome residents to Lansdowne, and together discover all that the new site has to offer, beginning this summer and for many years to come.”

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The Lansdowne Shuttle: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraPierre Bourque fills in for Rob Snow on the CFRA Afternoon Edition Bulldog segment this week.

Bourque talks with The Bulldog’s Ken Gray about the traffic and parking situation surrounding Lansdowne Park. Gray wonders why the discussion about traffic problems at the Glebe location before the project began came mostly from opponents of the project.

Now Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group is imploring football fans to take transit or shuttles from far off parking lots.

To listen to the Bulldog on CFRA, click on the podcast player below:

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Get Light Rail To Lansdowne

Ottawa’s light-rail line: A spur from the current route under construction could serve Lansdowne Park and the Glebe.

If the folks at Ottawa Sports and Entertainment really want to solve some of the transportation problems of getting tens of thousands of people to an Ottawa Redblacks game, they need to lobby city hall to serve the site with light rail.

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Here’s Where Lansdowne Stands

This is an internal update on the progress of the Lansdowne development sent to councillors and the mayor:

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Lansdowne Name Should Be Retained

According to this Facebook friend, there’s an easy method to keep the word ‘Lansdowne’ at historic Lansdowne Park:

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Lansdowne Isn’t Watson’s Project



Sheridan has been one of our best and most reliable commenters. This comment deserves bigger play.

Here he looks at Mayor Jim Watson’s policy initiatives or lack of them. Feel free to debate and discuss his forthright comment:

OSEG are a smart business group and I tip my hat to them. I have no problem with TD Place.

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Don’t Lose Lansdowne Name

lansdowne gatesDespite its old grey looks, there was heritage at Lansdowne Park.

God bless the folks at Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. They want to make some money. Good.

They’re creating something of a falling-down city property at Lansdowne. No matter what goes up there, it is better than what the city had allowed to happen. The shopping area might look a lot like a shopping centre and the stadium on one side looks like the old stadium and the southside looks it should be part of another stadium.

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Is Council Independent? Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray discuss party politics and civic government on Snow’s Afternoon Edition.

The two also get into naming Lansdowne Park and Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group’s plans for the site on The Bulldog segment of the program:  Continue reading

Show Good Manners At Lansdowne

lansdowne gates

Neighbours of the Lansdowne construction site are miserable with noise, dirt and vibrations.

If Mayor Jim Watson and planning committee chairman Peter Hume want to prove that decision-making at city hall is fair, best that construction on Lansdowne stay within the prescribed limits outlined in the noise bylaw.

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