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What Now Tories Post-Hudak?

Martin Regg Cohn in the Toronto Star charts the future course of the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario following the defeat of former party leader Tim Hudak:

Who will make up the new coalition of voters that returns the Progressive Conservatives to power? What are those voters looking for, and what can the party offer to win them back?

If it remains a party of angry McGuinty haters (he left the building long ago), the Tories will stay stunted through 2018 and beyond. If they cling to the old glory (gory) days of Mike Harris, whose election was a reaction to an unpopular NDP government and an unelectable Liberal alternative in the 1990s, their party will remain frozen in time.

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MacLeod Gets Leadership Nod

Well now lookie here.



Our very own Lisa MacLeod, she of the area riding of Nepean-Carleton, is being touted as the next leader of the Progressive Conservative party in Ontario. And who’s doing it? Why none other than the venerable Globe and Mail.

The Globe says MacLeod is canvassing her fellow MPPs about their support for such a bid. In fact, when the Globe thought of a Tim Hudak replacement, MacLeod was No. 1 on the list.

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Is MacLeod The New Hudak?




Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod is being touted as the new Progressive Conservative leader.

That was the view of none other than former long-time Ottawa area MPP Norm Sterling. Sterling believes MacLeod can replace PC leader Tim Hudak who packed it in after Thursday’s disastrous Ontario election loss.

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Real-Time Election Commentary: Bulldog Live

Bulldog LiveAll Ontario election day Thursday, The Bulldog will be online bringing you commentary about the critical vote.

And it’s interactive, you can comment in real time on what you’ve read. Use the comment box at the bottom of this post.

So join Ken Gray and The Bulldog for live commentary on the Ontario election Thursday.

For the live commentary, click on continue reading. The commentary is below:

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Watson Takes On Hudak: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray look at Mayor Jim Watson’s incursion into the Ontario election campaign.

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Tories Lead In Ontario: Angus Reid

This is a release from the polling firm Angus Reid:

The Ontario Conservatives under leader Tim Hudak carry the slightest lead among likely voters into the final days of that province’s election campaign, while among all eligible voters, the shift towards Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals.

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What Do You Expect, Jim Watson? Whopper Watch

Now let’s see … just how eager is Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak to answer Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson’s quiz on municipally related questions?

Not much.

After all Watson was a two-time cabinet minister at Queen’s Park in the former McGuinty government. Now if memory serves correctly, that was a Liberal government. And Hudak represents, hold on, the PCs.

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A Drastic Hudak Tweet

Sometimes people get a little out of hand when they discuss politics.

This person is one of those people … quite a bit over the top with this tweet on Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak:

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Hudak To Quit When Million Jobs Plan Flops

Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak uttered a massive whopper concerning his wacky Million Jobs Plan. Why it starts with laying off 100,000 public servants.

That makes it a 1.1 Million Jobs Plan. Here’s the whopper:

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Premier Hudak Wins Debate: Kinsella

What kind of political leadership do we have in Ontario when Tory leader Tim Hudak can win a televised debate? Here’s Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella’s verdict on the debate:

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Watson Gets Responses To Provincial Quiz

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

On May 13, 2014, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson sent a provincial issues questionnaire to the Leaders of Ontario’s four main political parties. Today the Mayor released the responses that were received to the five questions.

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Meilleur’s Politics Of Fear


PC leader Tim Hudak has no plans to close the Montfort Hospital.

Nowhere does it say in the Progressive Conservative program that if elected, the Tories would close the Montfort Hospital. Former Tory premier Mike Harris tried to do that in the last Conservative regime to run Ontario.

The Montfort, the only French-speaking hospital in Ontario, fought the good fight in court where it was saved.

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PCs Don’t Get Economics

Progressive Conservatives in Ontario tout their million jobs plan.

So Ontario’s Tories want to create a million jobs.

How do you do that? Well, by cutting spending and eliminating 100,000 public-service jobs, the Tories say.

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Hudak’s Rich Ontario: Whopper Watch

Today’s whopper is from Progressive Conservative party leader Tim Hudak:

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How Hudak Got It Wrong

The scene of cement workers in this PC video most likely is stock footage, probably from Russia.


Just how long will it take for Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak to implode on the campaign trail?

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Fraser Win Shows Grits Still Kicking



Congratulations to new Liberal MPP John Fraser in Ottawa South.

Fraser knows his community well and despite all the problems swirling around the previous Grit regime at Queen’s Park, the Tories could not defeat him. He will be a good local MP  because he has been former premier Dalton McGuinty’s problem solver in the riding for many years. Fraser is a decent guy.

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Hudak Unveils Social Impact Bonds

This is a release from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario:

We have a duty to support our most vulnerable people, but the current system is failing to do that despite spending billions more.

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Start Spreadin’ The Booze … Bulldog Quoted In … TORONTO!

Eek! Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak is like former premier Mike Harris … but worse.


When Trish Hennessy of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives went looking for someone to support her stand against privatizing the LCBO, who did she quote in the Toronto Star? Why the Ottawa news site operator who has studied wine at Algonquin College. The journalist who writes like a drunk.

Yup. Me.

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