Take Fraser In Ottawa South



The Bulldog would love to endorse Karin Howard in Ottawa South.

But it can’t.

Howard is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Ottawa and has worked in private practice. Howard is also a former Ottawa city councillor so she has a rare combination of private and public practice. And she is a well-educated, capable woman and thus a person to be treasured in our male-dominated society.

But unfortunately Howard is an Ontario Progressive Conservative in a party led by former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford. Ford’s deportment in that period was repugnant and he was instrumental in propping up one of the worst governments, led by the late Rob Ford, in Canadian history … maybe the worst.

We cannot under any circumstances elect Doug Ford as premier of Ontario. His lack of a coherent policy, his party’s self-destructive actions of the past few months, his sound-bite pronouncements with no depth and his grovelling for votes using a new beer-sales rules does a disservice to a party that has a foundation of this province. The party of Leslie Frost, John Robarts and Bill Davis has never fielded a worse candidate. The Bulldog couldn’t endorse him in any riding in the Ottawa area let alone as premier of a great province. His tactics, reminiscent of Donald Trump, disqualify him for high office.

NDP candidate Eleanor Fast is an intriguing choice. She was the executive director of the Canadian Academy of Health Science and executive director of Nature Canada. That said, her elected experience is not as great as the other two candidates. Fast does however have the advantage of a party leader who has not made a major ethical gaff in the past few months.

Liberal John Fraser, a former small businessman and constituency rep for former premier Dalton McGuinty, is a well-known mover-and-shaker in the Ottawa area. He has a good balance of public and private experience.

Fraser is an outstanding constituency man given his years of handling the riding for McGuinty. He is also an honest broker … as a journalist, your agent has found that Fraser will tell you what he can and if he can’t tell you, he’ll say why he can’t. That’s about all a reporter can ask.

Fraser is, however, burdened by the desperate leadership of Kathleen Wynne.

Voters should consider Fast as a possible vote but The Bulldog heartily endorses Fraser in Ottawa South.


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7 thoughts on “Take Fraser In Ottawa South

  1. An interesting riding, with overall high quality candidates from every party. I would agree with your assessment, other than that Fraser doesn’t seem to have a chance. It would be a different story if Ford wasn’t the leader.


  2. David. I’m not sure I follow your logic. Are you saying John Fraser, the Liberal incumbent, won’t win the riding because voters in the riding are so taken with Doug Ford? This has traditionally been a Liberal riding for many years, Dalton McGuinty’s old dance parlour.


  3. Ken:

    I have to disagree with you on this one also, I see the trend here.

    Don’t vote PC for one reason and one reason only, Doug Ford is the leader. Vote Liberal because, well you’ve given many different reasons and when it comes to the NDP all candidates are interesting but can’t endorse them. Can’t believe you would not endorse the PCs because of something Doug Ford might do and will endorse the Liberals for something they have done … complete failure of governing for the last 15 years.

    John Fraser is the perfect example that anyone can run for office … and win.

    I wish I still lived in that riding so I could vote for Karin Howard.


    1. Kosmo, you bring up a good point. Let’s say you’re unhappy with your job. An opportunity arises and you leave your old job only to find you are less satisfied in the new one. The general question that needs to be asked is “Are you running from something bad or are you running to something good?” This is the question Ontario voters should be asking themselves. I believe in the last federal election people got caught up running from something they thought was bad.


  4. I find it fascinating that you endorse more liberal candidates than the number of seats the polls predict they will win.


  5. This election just got a lot more interesting. Ms. Wynne’s announcement is a new twist on an already interesting event.


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