Take Hansen In Kanata-Carleton: Election Endorsement


Trillium Party representative in Kanata-Carleton is rugged individualist Jack MacLaren, a former Progressive Conservative who was heaved from the party by former leader Patrick Brown because of his stand on French-language rights.

As the former head of the right-wing Ontario Landowners Association, one would think he would fit in well with the very conservative Doug Ford. But MacLaren remains on his own.

That makes it difficult for PC candidate Merrilee Fullerton who is likely to split the right-wing vote with MacLaren. Fullerton is a doctor who feels strongly about improving healthcare in the province and increasing the number of long-term care beds to free up space in hospitals. That said, one wonders what Fullerton is doing in Ford’s party with its paper-thin platform and odd leader. Doubtful that Ford will bring about much change at Queen’s Park except for lowering the tone of the debate.

Liberal Stephanie Maghnam’s resume on the riding website says she is an entrepreneur … what kind of entrepreneur it doesn’t say. That said, she was named the Kanata North Citizen of the Year. She has been active in a number of women’s issues so if that is dear to your heart, you might want to cast a ballot her way. Maghnam is an active volunteer.

The NDP’s John Hansen is an engineer and a strong advocate of technology … something not unknown in Kanata. Hansen has also been an entrepreneur and tech-sector executive. He is a health-care advocate and would like to bring Hydro One back under government ownership to lower rates.

So who to support? MacLaren is too far out to the right for The Bulldog to support. Fullerton looks as though she is in the wrong party with her health-care advocacy (to be praised to be sure) but this publication finds it impossible to support Ford. Maghnam lack of specificity on her entrepreneurship is concerning and of course she carries Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne’s baggage … which is considerable.

Hansen looks like a good man for Kanata-Carleton with his tech background and health-care concerns.

The Bulldog endorses the NDP’s John Hansen.


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One thought on “Take Hansen In Kanata-Carleton: Election Endorsement

  1. In my opinion – you did another strategic analysis and well thought out recommendation.

    Normally at election times my mantra is “Get out and vote” but this year it changed significantly to “Get out and vote Liberal or NDP.”



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