Tell The Truth On LRT


Frequent Bulldog contributor The Voter believes the city should come clean on the finish date for LRT:

As an alternative, the City could just come clean and tell us that the LRT is going to be delayed. Now there’s a wild and different idea.

Who in this town is so bound up in a certain set completion date when we all know the list of near-disasters that have befallen the project? Who wants them pushing the work to get it finished and potentially putting the safety of workers and the public at risk? Any completion date that was set several years ago can’t be anything but a suggestion at this point. I’d rather wait another six months or a year for delivery than have another disaster happen once the trains start to roll.

Who in this town is going to have the confidence to step on those trains knowing what’s gone on particularly if their route includes the tunnel? The people in the west end must be watching this in horror knowing a tunnel is in their future out there.


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9 thoughts on “Tell The Truth On LRT

  1. Remember that this project is covered by reams of legal documents with clauses about delays, risk, completion milestones and finance.

    For example, the construction company only gets paid in lump sums for completion of specified construction milestones, including a large final payment when the system is complete, fully commissioned/tested and certified as ready for full revenue service.

    So the builder of the system wants to get paid. The city is not running the project and it merely passes on the info it receives. Everyone wants good PR.

    Once you go to bed with a giant, don’t be surprised if he hogs the blankets.

      1. ’cause men are the only oafish ones that hog the blankets ( and snore too ) or so my dear wife says.

    1. Chaz:

      Projects large or small also have schedules, works schedules and payments schedules.

      Are you trying too say the city has paid for services not already completed, just to keep the citizens of Ottawa believing we are on budget and on time? That is an expensive price to pay for lack of transparency.

      1. Kosmo,

        Not saying that at all.

        The question was raised, “Who wants them pushing the work to get it finished.”

        I propose that the answer is that the RTG can’t receive any money until it hits the various milestone completion points. RTG must move forward at a pace that has to overcome the delays caused by the various setbacks encountered. RTG doesn’t get the milestone payment until it gets to the milestone. There may now be a catch-up pace that may be a contributor to the stress and physical condition of employees. Maybe tired, worn-out people have a tendency to be a little less safe. So, RTG must reach that milestone to get paid money or conversely – not hitting the milestone means no money.

        As far as the info that the city passes along, the city is not the big dog on this project. The city gets its information from RTG and the city can merely pass along what RTG tells them. RTG wants good PR so they, perhaps, like to pass on good news to the city. The city wants good PR so they can’t come right out and just say they are only passing along what they have been told.

        Look up the financials about the partners in the RTG and you’ll get some idea of who the giant is. It ain’t the city.


  2. Have noted the words ‘expected completion date for LRT is 2018’ being used by the media. Voters are being lulled into a new date by such tactics.
    Why are the Mayor and City Council not requesting a formal update from RTG and making it public?

  3. “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” The arrogance of Colonel Nathan R. Jessep of A Few Good Men resonates within Laurier Avenue these days.

  4. May 2018 becomes 2019. Start of Phase 2 goes from fall of 2019 to sometime in 2020 and full revenue service goes from 2023 to 2024.

    Are we getting the picture? Wouldn’t you just like to be a bidder for Phase 2. Wonder what happens when you have a tender process and no one shows up. Monty Python all the way.

    1. But … it says on the destination sign on all the out-of-service buses “On Track 2018”. Surely they aren’t telling lies, are they?


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