Terrorists Won On Canada Day: Durrell



One thing is certain in Ottawa. Former mayor Jim Durrell loves this city and has done much to make it better.

So when the now vice-chairman of the Ottawa Police Services Board gets concerned, it’s time for everyone to pay attention.

After Chief Charles Bordeleau congratulated officials on the level of security on Parliament Hill on Canada Day at a PSB meeting, Durrell responded mightily. Chairman Eli El-Chantiry could learn from this.

“When we take the greatest celebration that our country enjoys – Canada Day – and we turn it into an armed camp, and we funnel people like cattle for hours on end, and we pat ourselves on the back?”

Bordeleau is supported by Mayor Jim Watson, so as a follower, the chief doesn’t criticize. Everything is good. Critical thought is forbidden in the world of Watson. Don’t believe your agent? Watch a city council meeting. It’s where debate goes to die. Yes, Your Worship. No, Your Worship.

Durrell continued. “If this goes on, who the hell would ever want to go to another Canada Day again? If this is what our country is going to evolve to, then it’s a sad day for our country.”

“Well, Canada Day was Terrorists 1 and rank-and-file Canadians 0. We could call it a victory for security, but that’s all a crock.”

Durrell is smart, capable and caring. When he talks, we should listen.

And it is so refreshing to hear anyone tell it like it is at city hall and environs.

Wonder if Durrell is too busy to run for mayor again. It would be nice to see democracy and debate return to city hall.

Photo above: Former mayor Jim Durrell is an important asset for this community.

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4 thoughts on “Terrorists Won On Canada Day: Durrell

  1. Terrorists could’ve inflicted huge casualties on citizens waiting to get in. The line stretched for hundreds of metres. Those before the checkpoint could’ve been carrying bombs or whatever in their knapsacks. Security only happened after the checkpoint. So I don’t know if Ottawa lost. I think rather it was very lucky that no terrorists appeared because they would’ve had free rein to do what they wanted before the checkpoint.

    1. Robert,
      Your point is the first thing I thought of when I heard of the long lines and wait time to get through the check point.

      The same point can apply to lines of cars waiting to cross busy border points or to passengers in an airport waiting to be frisked.

      If someone wants to do damage to a crowd, it doesn’t matter which side of the security check that crowd is on. It is, I’m sure, much easier to infiltrate the crowd pre-security. This is a thought that I’m sure terrorists haven’t missed, they just haven’t used it – yet.

      Several security types ( retired ) have written or given interviews ever since 9/11. These people have all pointed out that the so-called security is mostly a ruse to calm the public and give the appearance of safety.

      1. Chaz, the airport bombing in Brussels in March 2016 is an example of a terror event taking place in a crowded place, outside of security. The Manchester Arena suicide bomb in May 2017 is another. In short, the social misfits and their masterminds have already figured this one out.

  2. That’s a wonderful flashback to the days when discussion and even debate on issues happened at 111 Lisgar St. and 111 Sussex Dr. and dissent was actually part of the process. Even if Jim Durrell isn’t up for running for elected office again, maybe he would be so good as to teach Ottawa City Council how it’s done properly. One of our problems is that a large chunk of the current council has only been there long enough to have had experience with the Watson model. There is another way, folks. Holding two-hour committee and council meetings is not something to be proud of.
    He could round up a few other former mayors and ex-councillors to give him a hand – there’s several of them still kicking around. This could be his greatest contribution ever to the City.


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