Thank Goodness, The Mayor Is Safe: Mike Patton


Our man Mike Patton is back and he is analyzing Mayor Jim Watson’s response to his safety, not your safety:


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2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness, The Mayor Is Safe: Mike Patton

  1. Is he going to have roving bollards installed at all the teas and bazaars he attends? Will we have to pass through a metal detector or scanner on our way to buy Mrs Smith’s brownies?
    Where’s his security assessment that says there’s any risk at City Hall? It’s not like the Toronto attacks were anywhere near their city hall or directed towards politicians or political institutions.
    One of his problems has always been his lack of focus and inability to see the big picture. I hope that whoever is in charge of bollard installation says a nice, firm NO to this nutty idea.
    You’re absolutely right though – way to turn a tragic event into something about him. If he has extra concrete laying around, how about repairing some sidewalks?


  2. Not everyone has seen Watson step out of his Mr Nice Guy persona but he can be quite a bully and we know what bullies are – cowards.


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