Thank You Bulldog Commenting All-Stars


When you start one of these little projects like the election live blog yesterday, your worst fear is that no one will show up.

You’re kind of left hanging there like the sound of one hand clapping.

But as ever, the Bulldog Commenting All-Stars showed up once again to do this news site proud.

As of slightly after midnight this morning, The Bulldog Election Live Blog received 132 comments. Ain’t that great.

So once again from the staff and management of The Bulldog, thank you for your participation and help. And if you want to know who you are, check the graphic below:


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2 thoughts on “Thank You Bulldog Commenting All-Stars

  1. Ken,
    Well, I didn’t stay up as late as you did but it was over ( ‘cept the fat lady singing ) by 10 anyway. I woke up this morning still hoping that yesterday was going to turn out to be just a bad dream.

    I really won’t know how much he’ll save me at the pumps because the price varies day-to-day already. One is stuck paying whatever the pump says today. It will be quite difficult figuring out my savings, if any.

    I will calculate the average per kw charge on my electric bill using the bottom line divided by the actual kw used but I am really not counting on anything big here. They have been fiddling with hydro since the 1960’s and nobody has been able to reign them in and fix it yet.

    I can easily figure out any savings on my income tax return.

    Then, I will take any actual savings and add it to my monthly food bank donation – I have a terrible feeling that extra is going to be needed.

    Batten down the hatches – the Edsel has arrived.


    P.S. – and screw the buck-a-beer

  2. Ken. The idea of live commenting on election day was excellent and I enjoyed catching up on what I missed when I returned home after stepping out periodically. I hope you plan to repeat this exercise on Oct. 22.


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