Thank You Readers For The Bulldog Forum

So after only one day, your agent feels The Bulldog Forum has proven its value.

The debate that newcomer VH gave us, I hope, was very worthwhile. And it was out of the mode of The Bulldog. It was international. Good.

I set aside a day to start The Bulldog Forum and good that I did. Problems invariably pop up and they certainly did yesterday.

The registration process was simply too much of a bother for readers. It presented an insurmountable barrier to getting the Bulldog to comment. People are busy and they don’t have time to fool around with bureaucracy.

And yesterday, your agent was the bureaucracy.

So your agent quickly killed the registration process that shielded the site from spam but was about to kill the Forum in its infancy. Once that was gone, the comments started to flow in. Wait til Chaz gets it all figured out. Comments galore.

It looks as though one of the spam shields is holding back junk from the Forum … for now. It takes a long time to clean that up manually so the shields are vital.

But after all this worrisome bother, your agent has something to ask from you.

This is your Forum, not mine. I don’t want to be setting up topics to discuss. If this is to be your forum, you’ve got to come up with topics. What’s bothering you? By golly, that’s a topic.

So that’s where I need your help. I’ve got lots of topics to do on the regular Bulldog that give me a big forum. Now you have a chance to have The Bulldog Forum and that big audience. So topics, please. It’s an opportunity, not a duty.

Thank you for your patience and participation. It was very gratifying yesterday.

I never doubted that the readship would rise to The Bulldog Forum occasion.

It is very much appreciated.

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