Thank You, Ottawa

On Tuesday, Bulldog Ottawa had its biggest readership day ever, powered by the breaking story on the proposal to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on an enormous residential and commercial project that would stretch from the Manotick area all the way to West Carleton.

We’ve put a great deal of work into this rather elaborate experiment in journalism and your support makes it all worthwhile.

So a great big thank you to all the Bulldogians who stop in for a few moments to see what we are saying. The readership makes it happen.

Now do us a bit of a favour. If you like what you see here, don’t be afraid to retweet us, friend us, follow us, email us and just tell your friends.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Ya’ll come back now, hear.

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  1. Ken Gray

    March 8, 2013 at 8:53 AM


    It’s a lot more than 50. We’re pleasantly surprised around here by the numbers. We’re at a point where we expected to be in two years, not now after a few months.

    But we only do that because people like you come back and tell your friends. Many thanks.

    And thank you Spencer for the good words.



  2. @Ken

    Fair enough about not releasing the viewership numbers. I get it is private, still I am curious and it doesn’t help give me any context. For all I know your highest number of viewers could be anything from like fifty people to a thousand.

    Still congratulations on hitting a high water mark for your blog.

    By the way sorry if you get the impression I’m being overly critical all the time. I find I have a habit of commenting much more often when I’m curious and want more information or if I find something to be controversial. I don’t agree with all your positions, but I honestly do appreciate having a good investigative source for municipal affairs (particularly on urban development and transit which is my main area of interest in municipal politics). I haven’t found a lot of other good investigative or opinion sources for municipal politics in Ottawa (professional or amateur). The other two I check out periodically (aside from just the normal newspapers) are David Reevely’s page at the Citizen and a blog called West Side Action.

  3. Ken Gray

    March 7, 2013 at 11:14 AM


    Sorry Spencer. Proprietory information. This is a private business. I’ll release it when it is appropriate and to best advantage of a new, small, struggling business and not in a comment on the news site.

    And by the way, Spencer. You are alway hyper-critical. Isn’t a small note of congratulations in order?

    cheers and thx for the comment


  4. Ken how many views exactly did the story get? Telling us you got the most views ever for this blog is fine and all, but it doesn’t really give people an idea of how many people actually saw the story. I’ve asked this before as well without a response; how many views does your blog get a regular basis (saw per week or month)?

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