The Biggest Screw-Up In Municipal History


City staff is choosing one of three potential routes to run light rail to Kanata someday in the far-distant future.

At present, the city is building a line to Bayshore or Moodie Drive for $6 billion for the first two phases and not getting to Kanata or Barrhaven. Our municipality is over-spending on this project by about $3.2 billion for a completion date in 2023 when the old Chiarelli plan would have got to Kanata in 2014.

How one over-spends by that amount is astounding. City staff is warning us that the Kanata line will be expensive. Count on it.

One wonders how city staff can show his or her faces in Kanata having spent all that money and get to that western suburb sometime (a long time) after 2023.

And what’s the rush about choosing a route now? What will the Canadian Tire Centre be used for in some obscure far-distant time in the future? Will it be a hockey rink, a bowling alley, a grain elevator or a place to store air? Hard to know at this early date. How are the arena negotiations going at LeBreton Flats? Sometimes waiting is prudent.

But if you are a planner, what better than planning? You get to draw multi-coloured lines on a map, build grand stations and dream. Yes dream. Dream of a time when light rail will stretch to Kanata. Maybe some of the planners will still be alive when that happens. Maybe not.

What an embarrassment. Our current light-rail disaster is the biggest screw-up in municipal history.

Apparently you can’t plan the next screw-up too early.


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One thought on “The Biggest Screw-Up In Municipal History

  1. When Martin Luther King Jr, said, ” I have a dream “; I do not think he even knew that Ottawa existed. He was thinking of a grand vision for the future.
    Let the city planners dream and draw. It is just unfortunate that they are unable to dream and think at the same time. A grand vision they , may not, be having.


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