The Bird And The Blues

It’s good to live in a country where a killdeer and its eggs can bring a 240,000-person music festival to a halt.

And it’s great to live in a country where experts, Bluesfest and stakeholders get together to find a solution to Birdgate.

So I hate to disappoint heartless commenters such as Kosmo and Ron Benn but this is what makes Canada enkilldeering.

And if you killjoys aren’t happy here, go down to Trump-land and you’ll come begging to get back in the country. Canada and killdeers … love ’em or leave ’em (by the way, Bluesfest couldn’t buy this kind of publicity with the bird and the blues).

One other point. Kosmo, I liked you better when you were funny though this godless right-wing act is pretty hilarious. Kind of the Stephen Colbert of Kanata.

And as for Ron, you should be ashamed of yourself picking on a defenseless little bird.

Oh Canada and oh killdeers.



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6 thoughts on “The Bird And The Blues

  1. That’s one scary bird.
    I’m sure I like festivals, Kosmo and Ron more than that vicious bird. Look at that little thing raise it wings and attack. Gee – I think it could kill a deer.
    By the way – one of those birds nests is in Trump’s comb-over.


  2. Well Ken let me correct you on many points if I may: first off I’m a very sensitive guy, I once cried at the end of the movie Titanic (I was watching alone). And secondly I’m From Barrhaven not Kanata (very important to know because we will be getting LRT very soon,,, after a couple studies) and third correction it’s not about the bird it’s about the eggs,,, the four eggs. And it’s not an act, I write exactly as I think… which is a bit scrabbled.

    Mr. Ron Benn I’m with you all the way man.


  3. After hearing about this little issue yesterday, I found myself wondering why it’s a problem when there are so many animal rescue businesses in Ottawa. Has anyone contacted one, or two or three of them for that matter, them and asked for advice or assistance?


      1. Ken,
        I read that the bird is being moved.

        Can it be moved into your city hall – then your bobbleheads will need to postpone their bobbleheading for a while.

        Kills two birds with one stone. Saves the killdeer and saves your city from its killdemocracy council.


        How about – A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush-leagues.


  4. Okay, okay – I know his lairdship makes a lot of bloopers but he did say he refused an invitation to the U.S. Embassy bash AND I just found out that the whole bash may have to be cancelled ’cause his lairdship snuck the killdeer nest onto the Embassy’s grounds.

    Let’s here it for vicious Killdeers. They rock.


    P.S. There will be tea and cakes at Watson’s house for all those that aren’t going to the embassy – just call city hall to get the time and address. Dress is formal and bring your own teacup.


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