The Bulldog As Lowell Green


As I read these previous posts on legalizing marijuana, is it only me who is worried that I’m turning into Lowell Green?



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12 thoughts on “The Bulldog As Lowell Green

  1. You may sometimes appear a bit Green around the gills but Lowell you’re not … yet. :-)
    You’re too high in my estimation for that.
    (And it took a bit of work to figure out how to get that worded properly. If you should happen to misinterpret that lovely compliment given the topic of the day, well, I tried.)

  2. Shudder. Whatever tussles I’ve had with you, you don’t seem a craven hypocrite for whom the truth is exactly what you need it to be at any given moment. You’re ok.

      1. Bob refers to tussles and goes on to say you are okay.

        The cool thing about your site , its pieces and its commenters is that I have not figured out if anyone is right or left. You are more than okay.

  3. You can’t be Lowell Green until you are able to carry on tirades using debunked logic and passe rhetoric as if it has relevance in today’s world.

    Green you ain’t. :)

    skoal, Chaz

  4. There are a lot worse things than becoming Lowell Green like in attitudes and verbosity.

    Keep up the political pressure, Ken. We still need your bark in the dark.


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