The Bulldog Is Wrong On Stanley Cup Monument


Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan takes issue with The Bulldog’s stand on the Stanley Cup monument.

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“Most people will simply walk by the winning choice as it stands. Another monument in a city filled with monuments.”

False. The Bulldog’s choice, by SPMB/1X1 Architecture, could be “anywhere USA.” By contrast, Covit’s (Covit/Nguyen/Norr) unique design represents the specific history of this Ottawa location with a design of the original cup.

Each Ottawa monument tells a different story about various themes: Canadians at war; Canadian peace-keeping; Canadian heroes; Canadian culture; etc. This location previously had the “Territorial Prerogative,” a towering bronze sculpture of a mother bear spearing a salmon with her claws. (That monument will undergo some restoration and be relocated a block to the west.) The Covit design stands out as a modern, elegant and playful addition to the Ottawa monument landscape.

This winning choice placed a very close second (26.48 per cent — the winner was 27.04 per cent) in a CBC Ottawa poll of 7,227 participants. The SPMB/1X1 Architecture entry placed fourth at 11.32 per cent, thus demonstrating that it was not even among the public’s top-three choices.

In short, this competition succeeded in selecting the best designed hockey monument (celebrating Lord Stanley’s gift) for the corner of Elgin and Sparks.



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