The Bulldog Returns Aug. 16


Your agent will try to take a vacation again.

This failed in early July when this news site was overtaken by events and your agent immediately had his holiday abruptly ended.

The Bulldog will be back up and running on Aug. 16.

Happy summer.


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2 thoughts on “The Bulldog Returns Aug. 16

  1. Good luck this time around.

    If you read this message – then afterwards, turn off your ipad and send all phone calls to voicemail,

  2. There is only a few days left and it got me awonderin’.

    Has my little dog gone?
    Oh, where, oh, where
    Can he be?

    I hope he went to the buck-a-beer store,
    I hope he’s not in Turkey.

    – There’s a little chaos coming again out of Turkey. After your return from vacation ,maybe I’ll start a topic about Er-do-wanna-be-caliph , the Donald and Put-in.

    Looking forward to your return on Thursday. Hope you are having a good time ’cause the rest of the world is burning down.



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