The Bulldog Will Not Endorse Gourlay, Kennery

The Bulldog will be doing endorsements this year for the Oct. 22 municipal election.

Given the events of the past few weeks concerning the City of Ottawa and the drastic diminution of participatory democracy on Laurier Avenue, The Bulldog feels that these trends, orchestrated by Mayor Jim Watson, are highly destructive of civic legitimacy.

In other words, the City of Ottawa needs a lot less Watson and a lot more participatory democracy.

Watson has his best friend, the husband of his campaign manager and the mayor’s Order of Ottawa winner David Gourlay running in Kanata North.

As well, the mayor’s former public relations officer Ryan Kennery is running in College ward.

These two candidates would strengthen Watson’s stranglehold on the already pathetic Bobblehead city council.

Accordingly, The Bulldog will not endorse Gourlay or Kennery. If Watson starts to respect the importance of the public in charting legislation at city hall and not catering to the whims of pressure groups, The Bulldog could change its mind between now and Oct. 22.

Such a change is unlikely. So once again, this news site cannot endorse Gourlay or Kennery.


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