The Bulldogs Just Got Much Bigger

The Bulldog has been burning the midnight oil the past few days to bring you more features.

Let’s list them by site:


Bulldog Ottawa:

CBC Radio One Ottawa can be heard by clicking on the player in the widget in the right-hand sidebar. (Please note that the right-hand sidebar can be obtained by clicking on the plus sign below the banner on the right-hand side.)

As well, links to all the other Ottawa news and sports stations’ live-streaming sites are here.


Bulldog Canadian:

If you missed CBC’s The National, we have links to latest newscast and links to other CBC news features right here. A widget for them is in the right-hand sidebar.

In addition, we have aggregated all of the Rick Mercer Report features which you can find here. It also has a right-hand sidebar widget.

We’re not through. We also have all the links to live Parliamentary broadcasts including Question Period. You can get them by clicking here. It too has a right-hand sidebar widget.

As well we’ve added an aggregation of Warren Kinsella’s popular blog, The War Room, which you can read by clicking here. It has a sidebar widget as well.

Because so many journalists read Bulldog Canadian, we’ve included an aggregation of stories from J-Source, the craft’s website for journalists which you can read by clicking here and it has a widget.

And don’t forget Bulldog Hockey which has been here for a few weeks but has already been found by a gaggle of readers. We publish it because this is Canada. Read it by clicking here or check out its widget below.


Bulldog Fetch:

Many many new features on Bulldog Fetch.

The right-hand sidebar now carries the live news and business feed from Bloomberg.

As well if you click on that widget, it will connect you to some of the first embedded news sites from YouTube Live. Just click here if you like. We’re very excited about the possibilities here as YouTube Live rolls out. At present, we have live-streaming France 24 in French and English, Al Jaazeera’s live feed in English and ABC Australia. Expect more feeds in the future.

Now this is provocative. You can read U.S. president Donald Trump’s Twitter feed @therealdonaldtrump that features strident tweets from Trump, his followers and his opponents. Click here. It has a right-hand sidebar widget.

And ladies and gentleman, start your credit cards. The Home Shopping Network is streaming live here. It also has widget.

Finally Bulldog Fetch has embedded into its bottom widgets the Top 25 music videos from YouTube. Click here. Enjoy.

Again, all right-hand sidebar widgets can be accessed by clicking on the plus sign under The Bulldog banner.


So as you can see The Bulldog Group of News Sites has grown and will continue to grow in the future.

Tell The Bulldog what you think of the changes in the comment box below.

Have fun.



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To get the finest in Canadian news and opinion, click here for Bulldog Canadian. Your one stop for Canadian politics.



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