The Businessman As Politician



The United States has a businessman as its president.

Interestingly, we are hearing many of the same things now as when businessman Larry O’Brien became mayor of Ottawa.

The city should be run like a business … it’s time we had a businessman running the city so that tax money won’t be wasted … a businessman will take charge of the city and make it run more efficiently … a businessman will cut the fat out of city hall.

By his own admission, O’Brien said his first two years as mayor were a failure. The learning curve was steep for someone who had not been in politics before. He thought he could just order councillors around but soon discovered he was but one person on council.

Video above: An excerpt from president-elect Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

In fact things became so bad that a group of councillors got together and took the budget process away from O’Brien in what has been dubbed the non-coup coup.

The mayor became almost powerless … just another member of council.

If the learning curve for Ottawa mayor is steep, imagine how big the learning curve is for president of the United States. Businessman Donald Trump is about to discover this. Trump has never held office before.

Politicians don’t take orders very well and Trump can’t dictate to Congress even if it is controlled by Republicans.

Politics is about negotiations, convincing, compromise and deal-making. Politicians don’t jump when you say jump. They have their own power-bases to consider. They have their pride to consider … and there’s lots of that.

Furthermore, Republicans are just as mad at Trump as Democrats. Trump’s support is from Joe Six-Pack which one black commentator called a whitelash.

O’Brien’s term as mayor didn’t work out. O’Brien was swagger when politics requires finesse.

In many ways Trump is like O’Brien and might well face the same end.



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7 thoughts on “The Businessman As Politician

  1. Many months ago The Bulldog had a post featuring Warren Kinsella who predicted an easy victory for Hillary Clinton, the day after Donald Trump had fired his campaign manager. I commented that Kinsella was being foolish because there was so much time left in the campaign and that Trump’s chances were still excellent.

    Trump won because he was seen as the agent for change, and not because of his business credentials (which were proven to be average).

    Hillary Clinton lost because middle-America felt that she did not identify with their economic hardships. She was labelled as a Washington insider, namely someone who was only interested in politically advantageous dealings and corporate friends.

    Trump was not really a Republican but an Independent. He hijacked the Republican race, which was not such a bad thing as that party needed a kick in the pants. Indeed, it was becoming difficult to see any discernible difference between the two main parties.

    Frankly, I liked neither of these two candidates for President. However, President Trump may deliver on things like less foreign intervention and more attention to the domestic economy.

    Trump’s success as a President will probably depend on whom he decides to hire or fire — a skill which he seems to possess.

    1. Anne Marie:

      Trump had his chance a long time ago and blew it.

      Trump’s opinion of women and his actions toward woman is unacceptable today.

      No company, big or small, should hire a man who brags of groping women.

      He lost his chance a long time ago.



      1. Ken,

        My comment was with regards to your statement comparing Trump and O’Brien because they were both businessmen. What you stated in your response, has nothing to do with what I stated, nor with the content of your post. You do not condemn all businessmen because you were dissatisfied with, as you would not condemn all of a sex or colour. To that, I made my statement.

  2. The “Donald” ran businesses that went bankrupt, that got sued for payment by contractors and employees, that folded because the product was stupid (steaks?), that resulted in criminal charges (Trump U anyone?) and that allowed him to touch women.

    He may be a businessman but according to guys such as Mark Cuban and the Oracle of Omaha – he ain’t a successful businessman. Cuban went so far as to even challenge Trump’s claim of being a billionaire.

    So the U.S is not going to be run by a businessman that I’d allow to run the mailroom. Add to this, he’s from the wrong generation to be deciding things that will affect a baby born today.

    To the U.S.A., I’m sorry you got what you got but ; only 56% of eligible voters voted, the popular vote was really 50/50 and the Electoral College sucks.

    I think it is really going to be interesting when the two Tru meet. Trudeau riding a tsunami of liberal hopes and Trump riding a tsunami of B.S..


  3. Be an agent for change; an average or perhaps below average (artist) ; an independent (or reformulating the party) ; surround yourself with yes-men ; make strong racial comments about whom the enemy of your country are ; abandon social norms when speaking at gatherings ; get your followers to chant in unison and then become the leader of the country.

    Sounds like a page out of someone else’s play book circa 1920’s.


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