The City’s Panderer-In-Chief


Frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn says public money should be used for the public, not to cater favour with special interest groups and people:

The city hall flag flap is just another example of the city:

  • granting the request of the right to life movement to have a special day, without thinking – period;
  • and distracting the public from this example of a failure to think by declaring that the entire issue of proclamations needs to be revisited.

To be clear, this is not limited to the proclamation in support of the right-to-life movement. It is directed at our elected officials who think that it is appropriate to use city assets (flag poles, communications department resources, funds to pay for plaques on park benches and trinkets etc.) to pander for votes with every special interest group that reaches out to them. If an elected official wants to pander for votes, he or she should use his or her own assets. The city’s assets and resources should be reserved for use for the benefit of the residents of the city in general.

The responsibility for this rests with city council, and in particular at the feet of the chief vote panderer and arranger himself, Mayor Jim Watson.


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One thought on “The City’s Panderer-In-Chief

  1. ‘Using city assets to pander for votes’ — my pet peeve is the renaming of buildings (i.e. Lakeside Gardens), recreational centres (Orleans Recreational Complex), parks (Dick Bell, Andrew Hayden) to honour their own. While all have served the public, let the politicians use new streets for such honours.


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